Ecumenical Music Director

Camp Butler Musicians

11 Jul 2024

Camp Butler


Director and Lead Musician


The successful candidate for this position will be a 1099 contractor with Music Ministry International and be responsible for the following:


3.1.1 Description. The Music director works in conjunction with the designated Service Chaplain and shall be responsible to lead the choir and community vocals for the specified religious services on Marine Corps Base (MCB) Camp Butler which includes Camp Foster, Camp Courtney, Camp Kinser and Camp Hansen on Okinawa, Japan. The duties and services of the Music director include but are not limited to the following sections.

3.1.2 Tasks and Responsibilities. The Music director shall:

  • Be responsible for music execution for the services to include volunteer coordination and training, lesson preparation, multimedia planning, leading rehearsals, and any program development elements to provide a proper and professional Mass experience.  Is responsible for the complete end-product or services.
  • Maintain liaison with the Service Chaplain before, during and after all services, and be prepared to direct music for all planned musical selections in a professional and proficient manner as required.
  • Direct one rehearsal during the week and another rehearsal 30 minutes prior to the start of the scheduled special services.  For rehearsals, coordinate with the Service Chaplain and services music director and vocals. Schedule music planning meetings, as needed, and work with the other Music director and Music director to improve the quality of music.
  • Direct, plan, and lead a choir to deliver songs for regular rehearsals, regular services, special rehearsals, and special services as described in Section 3.5.5.
  • Be present 30 minutes prior to the start of all services, remain in the Chapel for the duration of the services and notify the Service Chaplain prior to departure once the services have concluded. Both regular and special services commencement times are subject to unforeseen change and advance notice. The Service Chaplain will be responsible for ensuring the Music director receives at least 24-hours advance notice before such changes are made.
  • Utilize music from Government supplied sources.
  • Ensure all worship music and media used is compliant with copyright laws.  Will not copy materials unless authorized to do so with a copyright license.  Shall ensure that copyrighted material is not used illegally.
  • Assist the substitute Service Chaplain in the selection of music for all services when the Service Chaplain is absent.
  • Be familiar with the requirements of the individual chapel Service aboard military bases.
  • Perform all stated work at the chapel or at suitable locations elsewhere on the camp assigned. If the use of Religious
  • Program facilities is required, music director must arrange for facility use in accordance with General Information
  • Section 5, Use of Government Facilities.
  • Be responsible, if needed, for recruiting new choir members and music director to sing/play for the scheduled Services.
  • Recruit and train an Adult Choir or Praise Team consisting of a minimum of four volunteers. Prepare the choir to provide a weekly Choir Special as part of the weekly regular worship Service and additional selections for special Services as scheduled. Music Specials may include the entire choir, smaller ensembles, trios, duets, or solos.
  • Periodically recruit additional volunteers for children and youth choirs as needed by the faith community.
  • Coordinate, in accordance with local policy and procedures, all support requirements for the program with the Supervisory Chaplain. The requirements must be submitted in a timely manner to avoid logistical delays or program cancellations.
  • Be responsible for the care and use of the Chapel musical instruments and equipment during the execution of their contract. Care of the Chapel musical instruments does not include maintenance or repairs ordinarily provided by a non-music director.  Will notify their Service Chaplain of needed maintenance and/or repairs. Government owned equipment must not be removed from Service Religious Program facilities without written authorization from the Senior Installation Chaplain.
  • Receive training and become proficient with Chapel sound boards/systems. Training will be provided by the Chapel staff.

3.1.3 Education and Experience Requirements.

  • The Music director shall have at least one year experience which demonstrates their knowledge and ability to lead a choir in singing a variety of worship music styles including traditional and contemporary songs which are currently sung in the specified religious Services throughout the United States. Pastoral letter of reference or equivalent is required.
  • At a minimum, shall have a High School diploma, GED Certificate.
  • Must have strong written and oral communication skills and be able to efficiently plan and organize, communicate, and manage diverse program requirements. Music director shall read/comprehend, write, and speak English fluently in order to fulfill the requirements.

3.1.4 Government Coordination. The Service Chaplain or the Contracting Officer Representative (COR) shall:

  • Provide to the music director all the necessary musical equipment (i.e., organ, piano, printed music etc.) required by this contract in good working order and in a timely manner.
  • Coordinate and conduct all necessary practices, rehearsals, and training within the guidelines of this contract. Coordinate Musical Tempos and instrument volumes with the music director, if required for the Service, Coordinate with the music director and provide up to 14 days lead time for musical selections requiring advance preparation for the Music director.
  • Provide information regarding routine music requirements and Service schedule five (5) days prior to the event.
  • Provide Notification of time and location changes at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the commencement of the Service.
  • Coordinate with the Music director and provide up to fourteen (14) days lead time should the Music director’s Services be needed at another MCB Camp in Okinawa.
  • Review performance of the Music director and submit performance reports.

3.1.5 Dates, Times, and Performance Location(s).

The Music director will direct, plan and lead music for regular religious Services, special religious Services, and group rehearsals/practices for those regular and special Services. Regular religious Services normally last approximately 60 minutes but may go as long as 90 minutes. Special Services will normally last between 60 and 120 minutes. Rehearsals and practices for regular and special Services sessions will normally last no more than 60 to 90 minutes. Such rehearsals/practices shall be scheduled in coordination with the Chaplain/COR. Catholic Services.

Special Services.

Special Services for Catholic Services may include:


All Saint’s Day

Thanksgiving Day Vigil

Advent Penance

Feast of the Immaculate Conception

Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Christmas Vigil Children’s Mass

Midnight Mass

Christmas Day Mass

New Year’s Vigil

Near Year’s Day Service

Ash Wednesday

Lent Penance

Holy Thursday

Good Friday

Holy Saturday Vigil

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Memorials (x2)

Special Services for Protestant and Gospel Services may include:

Christmas Eve or Day Service

New Year’s Eve or Day

Four Chaplain’s Day

Palm Sunday

Ash Wednesday

Maundy Thursday

Good Friday

Easter Sunrise Service

Memorials (x2)

Musical services for events such as weddings are not considered 'special services' under this contract. Should music director personnel perform services in support of that kind of event, any reimbursement must be negotiated between the interested parties and is not considered under this contract.

Interested Candidates are requested to forward their resume together with three references from individuals who can attest to the candidate’s good work and steadiness.  Candidates who do not possess the specific attributes/qualifications in "3.1.3 Education and Experience Requirements" above need not apply. This is a part-time position with compensation based on budget and the successful candidate’s experience and qualifications.  

Apply directly at: (scroll down to “Camp Butler”) in order to expedite your application.  Your application requires providing reference information for (3) individuals including one priest or pastor who can attest to your abilities as they relate to this job posting.  References must include: name, title, organization, relationship to you, email address (necessary field) and phone number. Depending on security software, candidates are requested to monitor spam folders for further application communications from MMI.