Full Time Protestant Chaplain

Armed Forces Retirement Home Washington DC Clergy

20 Jun 2024

Armed Forces Retirement Home Washington DC





The successful candidate for this position will be a 1099 contractor with Music Ministry International and be responsible for the following:


The Armed Forces Retirement Home (AFRH) is a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC), dating back to 1834 when it was established as the United States Soldiers Home in Philadelphia, PA. In 1991, the AFRH became an independent Federal agency and is the only agency that does not receive appropriated (tax payer) funds for its operation. The Agency’s income flows from enlisted men and women serving in the U.S. Armed Forces and in a trust fund that has operated since the Home’s beginning. The AFRH in Washington, DC. is home to approximately 500-600 of our nation’s veterans.



The chaplain shall have the overall responsibility of the Protestant Community Religious Activities and is to provide services in support of the Armed Forces Retirement Home – Washington conducting programs consistent with AFRH - Instructions and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for Religious Activities. Though the Chaplain has no direct control over any Chapel Funds, per SOP, the Chaplain serves as a non-voting member of the Chapel Fund Council and when necessary, collects and seals collections when required number of volunteers are not available, and places the collection in the safe and notifies the Chapel Fund Manager that deposits were not completed due to lack of required volunteers. Chaplains must be endorsed by their faith. The chaplain shall provide services based on 40 hours per week.

The following paragraphs delineate the activities which chaplains shall perform independently.

a. Conduct Sunday religious services and pastoral visitation to and for all AFRH residents as a part of the overall chaplain pastoral support program.

b. Conduct rites and sacraments such as: communion, baptism, marriage, funeral, and worship services in accordance with established procedures of their particular faith group.

c. Chaplains shall refrain from infringing upon the sacraments of other faith groups.

d. Assist in the development and conducting of religious services, including special religious services

such as: Thanksgiving Day, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Christmas Day, and Easter, which are ecumenical and/or non-denominational in character when scheduled.

e. Chaplain shall subscribe to and support AFRH mission, vision, and goals.

f. The Chaplain shall establish and implement methods consistent with AFRH.

g. Chaplain shall honor the chaplain dress code while on duty which is clerical shirts with jackets or shirt, for men, or dresses/dress slacks, for women; or other apparel.

h. Chaplain shall set up religious facilities, equipment, and liturgical appointments for programs and worship services; assist and/or instruct other chaplains or volunteers during worship services.

i. Prepare and submit supply requisitions to the AFRH Resident Services Office for approval.

Chaplain shall help forecast office needs and requirements; and, prepare and submit supply requests to the COR.

j. Prepare and submit forms and reports to the Chief, Resident Services as required by AFRH instructions and Religious Activities Standard Operating Procedures.

k. Organize and distribute devotional, religious education, and publicity materials as directed by the various published programs of the Religious Activities Office.

l. Assist in the compilation and analysis of statistical data related to the Religious Activities as directed by AFRH.

m. Chaplain shall work out of and shall be available for drop-in visits, appointments, and pastoral counseling in the office designated by the Government. These visits shall be performed during normal working hours and are to be scheduled so as not to interfere with the weekday visitation schedule.

n. Chaplain shall prepare and provide worship bulletins and other publications. Prepare worship bulletins and other publications necessary to accomplish Protestant worship and ministry in the absence of the Protestant chaplain.

o. Create an environment free of discrimination and harassment for all residents residing at AFRH with whom work is done. Work with supervisory personnel to resolve resident complaints.

p. Help forecast office needs and requirements.

q. Be responsible to set up all necessary equipment and supplies for pastoral duties and remove it when pastoral work has been completed.

r. Chart as necessary to comply with Long Term Care regulations and policies and procedures of the AFRH.


a. Must possess a minimum of 5 years experience as an independent pastor of a congregation, as well as the experience and knowledge of institutional chaplaincy, and be an ordained minister in good standing, with references, in his/her Protestant Denomination.  Prior military experience as a chaplain is preferred but not required.

b. Must have the ability to communicate effectively and offer empathy to different situations (measured by complaints received).  Must possess a pleasant attitude and ability to get along with other constituents, peer professionals of all faiths, as well as AFRH-G residents.

c. Ability to work as a team member of the Religious Activities office and provide pastoral care to all residents regardless of denomination or faith.

d. Must be able to uphold high ethical and moral standards, in keeping with the environment of the

AFRH-G leadership, the religious community(s) being served, as well as in keeping with what has traditionally been taught in appropriate Holy Scripture.

e. Provide religious services and environment to encompass special traditions and ceremonies related

to the occasion.

f. Must be able to respond to the AFRH within 30 minutes after notification of an emergency requirement  (outside normal business hours identified in Section 5).

g. One year of experience as a chaplain in a Continuing Care Retirement community is desired.

3. PLACE OF PERFORMANCE Work shall be performed on-site at the AFRH Campus in Washington DC.


Chaplain employees are subject to and are required to participate in all investigations conducted by AFRH-G security personnel. Background Check Successful adjudication of a Public Trust Position Background Check as applicable to Chaplains Public Trust position have the potential for adverse impact on either the integrity and/or efficiency of the organization’s mission. These positions have a moderate risk or high-risk sensitivity level designation High Risk positions have the potential for exceptionally serious impact on the integrity and/or efficiency of the organization’s mission; and Moderate Risk positions have the potential for moderate to serious impact on the organization’s mission. These positions do not require a security clearance, but they do require a background investigation to determine an employee’s suitability to occupy the position Public Trust positions require the completion of the Standard Form (SF) 85P, Questionnaire for Public Trust Positions.

Contract personnel shall be free of any felony convictions and any misdemeanor convictions that are directly related to the performance of security related duties. Examples include but are not limited to assault/battery, domestic violence, fraud, drug violations, or other criminal offense, which poses a risk to the safety and security of the AFRH.

Interested Candidates are requested to forward their resume together with three references from individuals who can attest to the candidate’s good work and steadiness.  Candidates are also required to send with their application a Religious Credentials form which is attached to this posting.  Candidates who do not possess at least five years of performing steadily as an ordained minister in a church or chapel need not apply.  This is a full-time position with compensation based on budget and the successful candidate’s experience and qualifications.