Ecumenical Musician Pianist Keyboardist or Organist

Moody AFB Chapel Musicians

22 Jun 2024

Moody AFB Chapel


Pianist Organist Keyboardist


The successful candidate for this position will be a 1099 contractor with Music Ministry International and be responsible for the following:

1.1 General. The music director shall be responsible for the completion of all services outlined in this PWS in accordance with Department of Defense, United States Air Force, Air Combat Command (ACC), 23d Wing, 23d Wing Chaplain (23d WG/HC), regulations, policies, instructions, and laws. The music director shall plan, organize, and coordinate music selections for the Catholic community with assistance from the Catholic Priest. Governing guidance comes from DoD, AF, and Air Force Chaplain Corps directives, policies and instructions as applicable.

1.2 Location. 23d WG, ACC, 23d WG/HC, 5120 Austin Ellipse, Moody AFB GA 31699-1501 

1.3 Description of Work. The music director shall furnish all personnel, transportation and services necessary for weekend worship services.

1.4 Hours of Work. The music director shall provide 2 hours weekly which includes one (1) hour for rehearsals and one (1) hour for performance. In addition to the weekly hours there may be times that a total of four (4) hours will be needed in the event there are special services that need musical support. The music director will perform at Sunday Mass and other Holy Days of Obligation as required. Mass will normally last one hour, but not more than an hour and a half. 

1.5.1 The music director shall be able to read music, teach vocal music part and harmony.
1.5.2 The music director shall be familiar with a wide range of Catholic music to include the traditional, contemporary and liturgical styles.
1.5.3 The music director shall have thorough knowledge of the Liturgical Theology and the Rites of the
Roman Catholic Church.  The music director shall maintain a lifestyle consistent with Catholic principles and the purpose of the Air Force Chaplaincy; which is to support the free exercise of religion.
1.5.4 The music director shall have two or more years of experience as a choir director or possess a degree in music and be able to demonstrate proficiency on piano, keyboard, or organ is preferred.
1.5.5 The music director shall furnish a resume showing all education and experience including
Professional references.
1.5.6 Must be able to clearly communicate in English and conduct administrative requirements in verbal and written format as necessary.
1.5.7 Maintain professional conduct and present self in a neat, clean and well-groomed manner.
1.5.8 Maintain healthy and professional interpersonal relationships with staff and parishioners in a pluralistic military environment.
1.5.9 The Air Force Chaplain Corps accommodates requests for chaplain services and/or support for
Religious practices unless the specific accommodation is logistically impossible or prohibited by law or policy. The music director must be able to work in an environment that accommodates all faith traditions but will not be required to perform duties that are incompatible with the Catholic faith or their professional role.
1.5.10 Music director shall provide information necessary for successful completion of a background investigation in accordance with Department of Defense Instruction (DODI 1402.5.

1.6.1 The music director shall provide weekly rehearsals for the choir and warm-up session prior to any Liturgical Celebrations to last at least one (1) hour in length.
1.6.2 The music director shall provide weekly performances during the Catholic Mass to last at least one (1) hour in length. The music director shall arrive at the chapel facilities at least 30 minutes prior to scheduled services. The music director shall, in conjunction with weekly rehearsals and performances, support the following special services to include rehearsal time. New Year’s Day, Ash Wednesday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil, Assumption, All Saints Day, Immaculate Conception, Christmas Eve Masses, Confirmation, Advent and Lenten Communal Reconciliation Services and additional services may also be deemed necessary by Catholic Priest.
1.6.3 The music director shall provide/maintain a monthly schedule of music selections for coordination and approval by the Catholic Priest at least one (1) month in advance.
1.6.4 The music director shall coordinate all special music to be performed at each service with the Catholic Priest. This includes solos, duets, adult choir, children’s choir, guest choirs, and guest musicians.
1.6.5 The music director shall identify, submit, and coordinate Chapel Tithes and Offering Fund (CTOF) budget requests to support the music program to the Catholic Priest. The music director will purchase approved items in accordance with local operating procedures.

2.1 The music director shall coordinate with the Catholic Musician for all liturgical celebrations
2.2 The music director shall ensure all audio/visual equipment (microphones, stands etc.) are setup and tested prior to each performance.
2.3 The music director shall monitor the condition of choir equipment and advise the Superintendent, Chapel Operations of any problems or needs.
2.4 The music director shall ensure the choir area is left clean after use by removing audio/visual equipment and restoring area to original configuration.
2.5 The music director shall submit facility requests as required for rehearsals and special services.
2.6 The music director shall open and secure the chapel facility used for choir activities when chapel staff members are not on duty as well as be responsible for the cleanliness of all facilities utilized in conjunction with the program/event.
2.7 The music director shall maintain familiarity with current trends in worship.
2.8 The music director shall participate in at least one continuing education or professional development event each year, when appropriated funds or Chapel Tithes and Offering Funds (CTOF) are available.
2.9 The Wing Chaplain or designee (Superintendent, Chapel Operations), will monitor and inspect the music director’s performance.

Interested Candidates are requested to forward their resume together with three references from individuals who can attest to the candidate’s good work and steadiness.  Candidates who do not possess the specific attributes/qualifications in "1.5 QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE" above need not apply. This is a part-time position with compensation based on budget and the successful candidate’s experience and qualifications.   

Apply directly at: (scroll down to “Moody”).  Your application must include three (3) references including one priest or pastor who can attest to your abilities as they relate to this job posting.  References must include: name, title, organization, relationship to you, email address (necessary field) and phone number. Depending on security software, candidates are requested to monitor spam folders for further application communications from MMI.