Protestant Religious Education Coordinator

Dover Air Force Base Chapel Protestant Religious Education

05 Mar 2023

Dover Air Force Base Chapel

Protestant Religious Education



The successful candidate for this position will be a 1099 contractor with Music Ministry International and be responsible for the following:

1. PURPOSE: The Performance Work Statement defines the position, work hours, expectations, and responsibilities necessary for the coordinator to meet the requirements of the Dover AFB (DAFB) Protestant Worship Community (PWC).

2. POSITION TITLE: Protestant Religious Education Coordinator (COORDINATOR)

3. SCOPE OF RESPONSIBILITES: The COORDINATOR will primarily work to execute the Lead Protestant Chaplain’s (LPC) and the DAFB Chaplain Corps (HC) Leadership Team’s vision (hereafter referred to as the CLT) for Protestant religious education (RE) by planning, coordinating, and executing the relevant deliverables called for in the Chapel Annual Ministry Plan (AMP), Protestant community and RE fiscal year (FY) calendar, and the Protestant FY budget. This position requires flexibility and the capacity to work well with other chapel coordinators, volunteers, and military personnel. The COORDINATOR shall serve as the primary coordinator, facilitator, and organizer of all Protestant RE events and elements. Additionally, the COORDINATOR will teach pre-approved curriculum for Sunday children’s church service(s) and PWC children’s RE programs when volunteer(s) have not been coordinated.

4. WORK HOURS: The COORDINATOR will be required to work at least fifteen hours a week. The COORDINATOR must arrive to all Protestant Worship Services (WS) at least thirty minutes prior to start time and remain the duration of the service(s). The remaining required work hours should normally be spent in the Protestant Office of the DAFB Chapel. The COORDINATOR will seek approval of a new office hour schedule and sub coordinator list upon contract award and option year renewals from the LPC. One unit will equal one month’s duty with an average of at least 15 hours worked a week. Certain seasons of the year (e.g., Christmas, Vacation Bible School and PWC retreat events) will require more hours. Temporary modifications to the weekly schedule can be approved by the LPC within one week’s notice. Permanent work hours modifications require submission to the COR, after approval of the LPC, at least two weeks prior to the proposed hour changes. The COORDINATOR will submit for pay in Wide Area Workflow on a monthly basis to the COR after all deliverables are completed.


5.1.Pass a background investigation IAW public Law 101-647, Section 231 (Crime Control Act of 1990 and

DODI 1402.5, Criminal History Background Checks on Individuals in Child Care Service Position).

5.2.Adhere to the requirements of the assigned LPC and CLT endorsing religious organization’s requirements while providing for the spiritual and religious needs of all active duty personnel, their families, and other authorized personnel.

5.3. Submit and track to completion all background check applications for RE volunteers who will work with children IAW DAFI 52-101, Chapter 6.

5.4. Serve as the primary Protestant RE Line-of-Sight Supervisor for all events with childcare volunteers; recruit volunteers to serve as Specified Volunteers.

5.5.Maintain all volunteers’ identification badges who work with children and oversee proper display and use of childcare worker identification. Non-Specified Volunteers must sign in/out ID badges each time they volunteer.

5.6. Serve as the Volunteer Supervisor for all RE volunteers IAW DAFI 52-101, Chapter 6. The COORDINATOR will write position description for all RE volunteer positions and submit to the LPC via the PCC. Determines volunteer manpower needs, solicits, and trains volunteers from both within and outside of the PWC. The LPC will assist the COORDINATOR when there is a need to solicit volunteers from outside of PWC.  Reports weekly all volunteer hours to the Protestant Community Coordinator (PCC) or the event’s sponsoring chaplain, typically the LPC.

5.7.Create the annual calendar of events for Protestant RE functions (with budget planning), submit draft to the LPC via the PCC, and execute, as the primary project officer/point-of-contact (POC), all elements of Protestant RE events/projects designated by the normal chapel planning processes. Normally, the LPC will be the sponsoring chaplain of pre-planned and short-notice events. Some examples of these types of events may include, but are not limited to, RE needs during PWC retreats, Vacation Bible School, family RE fellowships, etc.

5.8. Submit  facility requests to the PCC for all scheduled RE events on chapel property and de-conflicts RE scheduling/facility issues with the Facility Manager.

5.9.Attend weekly chapel staff meeting to keep updated on the chapel’s operations and calendar, reports on ongoing assignments, projects, and weekly tasks, and shares feedback from Protestant RE volunteers.

5.10. Attend Protestant Advisory Council (PAC) meetings as a non-voting member and brief the PAC on relevant RE issues.


6.1.Recruit, train, and supervise all Protestant RE volunteers; work necessary volunteer training requirements IAW DAFI 52-101, Chapter 6 in alignment with the PCC who functions as the Protestant Head Volunteer Supervisor.

6.2.Program and teach the children’s church programs at all WS(s) when available PWC volunteer support is incapable, unwilling, or unqualified to lead children’s church. A fully trained and properly vetted volunteer can teach children’s church instead of the COORDINATOR.

6.3.Program and teach Children’s RE for PWC events and programs, as required by the LPC, when available

PWC volunteer support is incapable, unwilling, or unqualified to lead children’s RE. A fully trained and properly vetted volunteer can teach children’s church instead of the COORDINATOR.

6.4. Supervise the leaders of the current PWC auxiliaries (e.g., Protestant Women/Men/Youth of the Chapel) when they serve a primarily Protestant RE purpose (e.g, women’s Bible studies); promote the establishment of new Protestant auxiliaries when necessary; facilitate the auxiliaries’ RE programs.

6.5.Coordinate HC facility setup, equipment, and resources for all RE programs and events, ensuring facilities are opened before the program starts and fully secured and cleaned after the program ends.

6.6.Be able to fluently use software provided by and relevant to DAFB HC mission to include, but not limited to: Proclaim Church Presentation Software, Microsoft Office Suite, Planning Center, Canva Graphic

Design Software, Eventbrite Event Management Systems, and other programs deemed relevant by the LPC.

6.7.Develop and maintain electronic records.

6.8.Recommend curriculum/programing for the next FY’s Protestant RE cycle to the LPC by 15 July of the current year.

6.9.Provide pre-approved curriculum/lesson plans to all scheduled RE volunteers at least one week in advance of the volunteer program execution.

6.10. Coordinate and facilitate the annual Vacation Bible School (VBS) and other special RE events as requested by the LPC. The COORDINATOR will recruit volunteers, register children, and promote the event(s).

6.11. Record attendance at all RE programs and events and report numbers on a weekly basis to the PCC.

6.12. Assist the LPC or sponsoring chaplain by providing information necessary for reporting in the Air Force Chaplain Corps Activity Reporting System (AFCCARS) or similar contexts as requested.

6.13. Programs specifically for the Children, Men, Women, and Youth lines of the current Protestant Chapel Tithes and Offerings Fund (CTOF) budget in coordination with the LPC. As budget line designation  changes occur occasionally, the COORDINATOR will seek clarification from the LPC on the lines for which the PCC is responsible to program.

6.14. Publicize all Protestant RE events via CLT approved means.

6.15. Plan the annual volunteer coordinator appreciation event.

6.16. Incorporate children and youth during holiday season for worship specials during WS(s) and special Protestant events ICW the Protestant Music Director and PCC.

6.17. Draft and file after-action reports at the conclusion RE events, when requested by the LPC, within 14 calendar days of each event, including Children’s Church, Christmas programs, Easter programs, and other major RE events.

7. Comply with all Chapel Air Force Instructions and Chapel Operating Instructions, specifically those regarding facility usage, resource protection, fire protection, and funds utilization, and safety.

8. Properly subcontracted replacements must provide all hours the COORDINATOR will be unable to personally provide due to reasonable and approved circumstances (paragraph 4). The COORDINATOR will seek approval of a new office hour schedule and sub coordinator list upon contract award and option year renewals from the LPC. The PCC’s approved schedule and sub coordinator list will be posted in both digital and paper formats on mediums deemed appropriate by the LPC. Sub coordinators must meet the requirements for the position as outlined in the PWS. The COORDINATOR is responsible for payment of substitute and ensuring the substitute meets background check requirements to work alone with children.

9. CONFERENCES/WORKSHOPS: If necessary, the Wing Chaplain may provide funds for attendance at professional training workshops/classes, retreats and conferences.

10. TAXES: The coordinator will be responsible for filing any applicable social security, federal, and state taxes. The coordinator will also obtain any applicable business licenses and registrations or otherwise compliance with the law.

11. GOVERNMENT FURNISHED PROPERTY: The Wing Chaplain will allow the coordinator to use workspace and equipment in the Chapel and provide supplies to the coordinator to facilitate performance of this contract. A workspace is provided for the coordinator. The coordinator will use Government furnished property only to perform this contract. The coordinator is required to furnish all equipment and supplies necessary to perform this contract at home with approved coordination through the RE Chaplain ahead of time.

Interested Candidates are requested to forward their resume together with three references from individuals who can attest to the candidate’s good work and steadiness.  Candidates who do not possess to accomplish the tasks in "5. GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES" above need not apply. This is a part-time position with compensation based on budget and the successful candidate’s experience and qualifications.   

Apply directly at: (scroll down to “Dover”).  Your application must include three (3) references including one priest or pastor who can attest to your abilities as they relate to this job posting.  References must include: name, title, organization, relationship to you, email address (necessary field) and phone number. Depending on security software, candidates are requested to monitor spam folders for further application communications from MMI.