Protestant Community Coordinator

Ft. Belvoir Parish Coordination

01 Jul 2024

Ft. Belvoir

Parish Coordination



The successful candidate for this position will be a 1099 contractor with Music Ministry International and be responsible for the following:

INTRODUCTION. The purpose of this Performance Work Statement (PWS) is to identify the requirements/deliverables of the coordinator needed to perform services as the Religious Support Coordinator Minister of Protestant Community Programming (“MPCP”) or “Traditional Service Coordinator” hereafter referred to as “Community Coordinator” on Fort Belvoir Garrison and currently meeting at the Fort Belvoir Chapel Campus. The Coordinator shall provide support to the Chaplains and Religious Affairs Specialists, and Religious Support Office (RSO) Department of the Army (DA).The location(s) and time(s) specified in the PWS or modified in the contract by the Contracting Officer. MPCP also provides support to minority faith groups operating under the RSO that do not have a Chaplain Pastor.


1.1 This is a Non-Personal Services Contract between the Fort Belvoir Religious Support Office (RSO) and an independent coordinator to deliver specific requirements and deliverables to the Fort Belvoir Protestant Communities. The primary emphasis of this agreement is for Coordination of the Traditional Protestant Service which currently meets for two hours each Sunday (0800-0900 & 1100-1200 Sundays at Fort Belvoir Chapel or Woodlawn Chapel). Incidentally to the primary focus at the Traditional Service, the MPCP shall process DLA quotes for protestant services on Fort Belvoir that occasionally require DLA signage or printing requirements. This Statement of Work defines the requirements/deliverables of the coordinator; ensuring the individual free exercise of religion for military personnel, family members, and authorized personnel; a statutory requirement under USC Title X.

1.2 This contract does not create an employer-employee relationship between the Government and Coordinator, as well as any corporation, partnership, business association, other party or legal entity with which the Coordinator may be associated. The Government assumes no responsibility for costs incurred for services performed by the coordinator that are not included in this contract. There are no provisions for lodging, employee benefits, medical care, retirement or Workmen's Compensation Insurance. Payment shall be made monthly on a per service basis.

1.3 The Coordinator shall provide support for those services for which no Fort Belvoir Unit Ministry Team (UMT) members (Chaplains and Religious Affairs Specialists), RSO Department of the Army (DA) Civilians and volunteers can provide. The contract cannot duplicate duties required or provided by these entities as contracted services are an exception to policy.

1.4 The Coordinator shall serve the Congregation Community and the greater Fort Belvoir religious support community with a primary focus on the Protestant Traditional Service.

1.5 This contract is not a fulltime position with a standard 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday work environment. Workdays and hours will vary according to the approved Calendar of Events, tasks outlined in the CLINs and the time of meetings. Many of the tasks will require evening and weekend hours.

1.6 No UMT member, military member, DA Civilian, fellow coordinator or volunteer can supervise or direct the Coordinator or control the method by which he/she performs the required tasks. Under no circumstances shall a work schedule be prepared for the Coordinator or the impression be given that the Coordinator is an employee of the Government. It is the responsibility of the Coordinator to guard against any actions that are of the nature of personal services, give the impression of personal services or portray his/her position as that of an employee.

1.7 Under no circumstances shall a Coordinator provide direction to a Religious Affairs Specialist (RAS), general military member, a DA Civilian, fellow coordinator or volunteer, nor shall he/she represent in an official capacity of the Federal Government, U.S. Army or Air Force or the local congregation that the contract supports.

1.8 The Coordinator shall adhere to all security and weather warnings and notifications. In the event that inclement weather causes the cancellation and/or postponement of an event, the Coordinator will not be penalized.

1.9 A CAC card is required for duties surrounding this agreement.

2.0 PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE. The contract shall begin 01 October- 30 September, 2023 and renew at the government's discretion yearly for two additional years.

3.0 REQUIREMENTS/PERORMANCE STANDARDS. The Coordinator shall perform the following:

CLIN 1: Church Service Coordination:

a) Coordinate the Traditional Services requirements for the Service proper and the Children’s Church program under the guidance of the Senior Pastor and the compliance of the Protestant Director of Religious Education (DRE). The traditional service meets twice on Sunday with the identical programming. The first service is typically at 0800 and the 2nd service is around 1100. Keep a log of attendance at all programs of the Traditional Service and the weekly offerings data.

b)Coordinator shall attend the Religious Support Office Executive Team monthly meetings; the weekly RSO Sync meeting and meetings called by the Pastor in support of the Traditional Protestant Service. Coordinator shall serve as the minute’s recorder for the Traditional Service’s council meetings and for the Executive Team Meeting and present the minutes for review to the Deputy Garrison Chaplain for final signature/approval(s).

c) MPCP does not provide or perform Children’s Church classes but coordinates to ensure that the DRE, Pastor and congregants efforts are coordinated, advertised and maintained to the published standard. Coordinator ensures rooms are clean, safe, setup and stocked for religious programming.

Children’s church is typically scheduled simultaneously with the service but could be held an hour prior, subject to Senior Chaplain Guidance. The service anticipates 1 to 2 classes for 1-15 children requiring one instructor but if the program grows than a 2nd instructor may be required (recruit a volunteer). The age group worked with is kindergartens through 6th graders. Curricula is chosen by the DRE for execution by the coordinator who may suggest a curricula to the DRE.

CLIN 2: Vacation Bible School (VBS) Volunteer Planning and Training: Attend the annual VBS training, if required by the DRE. In a fiscal year where volunteers or DRE coverage is lower that the religious accommodation demand requires, an determined by the Senior Chaplain, then the coordinator may be called to support VBS. Coordinator shall aid the DRE in organizing a VBS program, planning the event and training VBS volunteers. Planning consists of IPR meetings with the DRE, Religious Support Office Staff and volunteers. Typically five (5) planning/training sessions are required.

CLIN 3: VBS Room Leader: In a fiscal year where volunteers or DRE coverage is lower that the religious accommodation demand requires, an determined by the Senior Chaplain, then serve as a VBS room leader during the summer VBS program under the direction of the Director of religious education. VBS is an annual 5 day program that requires 2 hours with children per session and an additional 1 hour for set up and clean up at the event.

CLIN 4: Family Night: Family Night consists of a fall and spring Wednesday night religious programming (about 1 hour session) for approximately 8 weeks per program (two programs per year). If the Senior Pastor of the Traditional Service requires support for Family Night then coordinator shall support the Wednesday night bible study program (Family Night) at Belvoir Chapel/campus. The program consists of a variety of religious courses that tend to open children’s sessions with children’s religious song(s); one prayer; an object lesson; a reading of a bible story; an explanation of the bible story read; an application of the bible story to everyday life shall be discussed; an activity or craft executed; and the bible study shall be concluded in a prayer. MPCP’s focus is ensuring the Traditional Services Family Night class has the materials, creates a flier and executes its program under the direction of the Director of Religious Education who approves curricula; lesson plans; song selections; crafts and activities.

CLIN 5: Printing Requirements: MPCP shall maintain the Religious Support Office (“RSO”) DLA services registration. Coordinator shall ensure DODAC W26ABR is registered on a RSO DLA account at and that the current AFP and NAF GPC cards are registered for payments.

a. The MPCP is responsible for developing all bulletin, signage, flier and printing requirements for the RSO for quote or submission to DLA and or printer. Each service typically has a weekly bulletin, flier, newsletter and special events signage that the MPCP must aid in developing and prepare for delivery to DLA. The MPCP must additionally prepare DLA quotes for signage and printed materials to minority faith groups supported by the RSO including Islamic, Buddhist, Mormon and other congregations.

b. The MPCP is responsible for synchronizing quotes with the Purchase Package for approval by the Chaplain Resources Manager and the DLA office before presenting projects to DLA for execution. No requirements may be delivered to DLA for execution without the Resource Management Office’ formal permission.

CLIN 6: CMRP Coordination: Assist each Chapel Pastor in developing and revising their portion of the annual Command Master Religious Program (CMRP). Pastor shall redact any contract data from the CMRP build. The MPCP may not attend CPBAC meetings nor handle portions of the CMRP that involve data informing contracts.

CLIN 7: Purchase Request Coordination: Coordinate, track and submit Purchase Order Packages to the resource management office for execution. Purchase request packages typically require coordinator quotes, a purchase request form and an 889 form. Request forms (POR) for religious programming by using the proper ordering procedures governed by both appropriated and non-appropriated funds sources and monitor the arrival and distribution. Request non-appropriated funds for various events for the fiscal year by filling our Purchase Order Requests (POR’s) in a timely manner. Coordination will comply with the Fort Belvoir Chapel Tithe and Offering Fund (CTOF) SOP and or verbal instructions from the Funds Manager or Chaplain Resources Manager.

CLIN 8: Facility Coordination: Coordinate weekly with each NCOIC of every Chapel Campus facility to ensure the coordination of usage with requesting parties and chapel staff for all Religious requirements. Coordinate childcare for all programs with the Watch-Care Coordination throughout the fiscal year as needed for each program. Conduct a monthly inspection of Facilities to ensure communion, fellowship and cleaning supplies stay stocked to support each quarter’s requirements. Submit Facility DPW FEWER/Work orders for Chapel facility improvements (updated signage, maintenance needs, etc).

CLIN 9: Community Communication. Be the go to RSO party for communications needs. Route fliers, materials and messages to the appropriate individuals in response to pastor and congregant inquiries. Promptly respond to inquiries concerning religious programs, events and activities via mail, email, and telephone. Determine the proper response through coordination with RSO staff, the Community Chaplain and Pastor(s). Keep digital RSO online communications up to date (Garrison RSO page and FaceBook page, etc).

a. Prepare, publicize and advertise, in a timely manner, the various community activities throughout the year, through available media-weekly community bulletin, Belvoir Eagle, posters, bulletin boards, RSO websites and e-mail. Coordinate all Belvoir Eagle, TV, radio and radio announcements through the Office of the Garrison Staff Chaplain Directorate.

Prepare information resources about community activities including annual welcome booklet, welcome pamphlet and other signs/banners/publications as designated by the pastor(s).

b. Prepare weekly bulletins/materials and coordinate distribution (fold them, if needed and deliver to each chapel). Prepare bulletins/programs for special events.

Assist Chaplains with creating and mailing Church documents to include creating mailing labels, Letters of Good Standing, correspondence to and from a Church of Record and with each religious denomination as needed.

3. Prepare and submit activity reports as requested by Garrison.

Design and maintain Community activities calendar. Build and maintain an inventory database of liturgical items, materials and media to include newly ordered or existing materials. Assist Clergy with the completion and submission of reports to the Senior Chaplain

CLIN 10: Community Registrations. Maintain a religious community registration database; checking for accuracy and duplication; verifying new and existing community members. Provide database products (membership lists, group rosters, mailing labels, and other products) to DRE and/or Chaplain as requested. Know the attendance and registration records for all Chapel programs/services.

1. Ensure all registration materials comply with the The Privacy Act of 1974 (Information on the Army Privacy Act Program is at; Individuals must sign a Privacy Act Notice which identifies the information to be collected and how it will be used/released.) Federal law Governs collection and use of records maintained in a system of records. System of records is any grouping of information about an individual. Under the control of a federal agency. Information retrievable by personal identifiers, such as name, social security number, or other identifying number or symbol. System may be manual or automated. Prohibits disclosure of records without written consent of individuals to whom the records pertain (Privacy Act Notice). Requires

Publication of a system of records notice (SORN) in the Federal Register. Individuals sign Privacy Act Release. Organization retain copies of Privacy Act Releases. Automated system comply with agency requirements for retaining personally identifiable information (PII). Annual Privacy Act Assessment (PIA) [The PIA is an annual report summarizing how and why the information is used and protected see Section 208 of the E-Government Act of 2002 refers.] Annual training. Establishes civil and criminal penalties: Agency may be held liable for attorney's fees, court costs, and damages sustained by an individual. Individuals who maintain a system of records without a SORN or who request a record under false pretenses. May be found guilty of a misdemeanor and fined not more than $5,000. [This link provides a detailed overview of the Privacy Act]. Army-Wide Privacy Act Program Office is at Ft Belvoir. POC for assistance/clarification 571 515-0300.

2. Prepare/Edit Community Registration Card(s) to coincide with summer and winter PCS rotations. Plan and coordinate registration all Services at a registration event on a quarterly basis.

3. Process and file all Church/community related Records, certificates, and documents. All items should be kept in a locked file cabinet to ensure privacy of the individual.

Maintain pamphlet racks in a neat and orderly appearance prior to each weekend and update as directed by the pastor(s).

 CLIN 11: Recorder for Executive Team/Community/RSO Meetings. Attend and participate in the parish counsel meetings as the recorder. Keep minutes of all meets including the executive team monthly meeting and pastoral meetings.

CLIN 12: Meetings. Attend Chaplain Ministry Team Coordination meetings and RSO Ministry Sync meetings.


The parties may alter this agreement at any time with mutual assent in writing.

6.0 COORDINATOR QUALIFICATIONS. The Coordinator must provide a resume and documentation to substantiate personal qualifications. Although a specific degree is not mandatory, any credentials pertaining to this position, training and experience is considered in the award of this contract.

a) An understanding of the lifestyle of military families but also understanding chaplaincy procedures and protocol. A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university in education and/or ministry is preferred.

b) Maintain credentials and training as a Children’s Ministry coordinator.

c) At least three years of experience working in children or related ministry programs.

d) Complete and pass required background check.

e) Understand historical, biblical Christian teachings, child development theory, and the principles of leading Christian worship among families with children.

f) Letter of good standing from a current protestant pastor demonstrating that the provider is baptized (protestant); is not known to the church to participate in any immorality; adheres to a life and practice consistent with the protestant church currently attended; and regularly attends Church and participates in Church community and life. The Traditional Service follows the faith and life/morality listed in provision 14 of this agreement. All volunteers, ministers and coordinators shall adhere to the faith and life/moral standards as referenced in in provision 14.


7.1 The Coordinator shall be given access to workable office space, file cabinets, copiers, telephones and access to a government networked computer in order to perform the requirements of this contract. Access to networked computers will be dependent upon the Coordinator completing government requirements, being issued a Common Access Card (CAC) and obtaining and maintaining a DOD Global email account.

7.2 Building keys will be issued under the provision of RSO key control procedures. The coordinator shall have access to the chapels and designated office facilities during normal duty hours and for those RSO activities he/she supports that fall outside of that time frame. The Coordinator is not responsible for providing building or room access for anyone other than themselves, unless it is in direct support of this contract. The Coordinator does not supervise the building or monitor other groups in the building when UMT staff is absent. The Coordinator is responsible for securing doors that they have opened or used. The Coordinator is not responsible to ensure that building is secured at the close of a normal business day.

8.0 SECURITY REQUIREMENT. The coordinator shall comply with all installation security requirements. The coordinator shall submit to the COR the name and address of each employee working under this contract ten (10) calendar days prior to the start of work, and fill out questionnaires or other forms required for security purposes in accordance with the Industrial Security Manual, DoD 5220.22-M. Coordinator must adhere to all security requirements to access the installation.

9.0 BACKGROUND CHECK REQUIREMENTS. The Coordinator will have regular/reoccurring contact with children and is required to meet the requirements of Army Directive (AD) 2014-23, "Conduct of Screening and Background Checks For Individuals Who Have Regular Contact With Children in Army Programs", dated 10 September 2014, and supporting regulatory guidance. A copy of the Army Directive is at, tabs Publications, Administrative, Army Directives.

9.1 No applicant, regardless of circumstances, will be awarded this contract if the individual has been convicted of a sexual offense, a drug felony, a violent crime or criminal offense involving a child. The inability to meet the requirements of AD 2014-23 will result in the termination of the contract.

9.2 The following is a list of required screening steps, per AD 2014-23. Related forms are available from the RSO Background Check Functional Manager (FM), Director of Religious Education (DRE).

9.3 Pre-contracting screening: 1) Application Review, 2) Interview, 3) Reference check, 4) Statement of Previous Arrest or Charge, 5) Assessment of individual's eligibility, qualifications, temperament and suitability for work with others and children, if required, 6) Tentative offer of contract.

9.4 Preliminary Investigation: 1) Installation Record Check, 2) FBI Fingerprint check, and 3) Local Civilian Law Enforcement Check.

9.5 Child Care National Agency Check and Inquiries (CNACI). This also requires an online application. If deemed appropriate by the local Garrison Commander, a Coordinator can start working under Line Of Sight Supervision (LOSS) after successfully completing the preliminary investigation. If LOSS is not feasible, favorable CNACI results are required before the coordinator can start working under this contract.

9.6 Prior to the start date of this contract the Coordinator must complete required annual Child Protection Training, download and print off the completion certificate and Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct is to be signed and turned over to the Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) with the completion certificate. This online training is found at:

9.7 Significant derogatory information revealed in the background check investigation will require a suitability determination through the centralized Program Review Board (PRB) process. In such cases, the Coordinator may be required to meet with the RSO FM to formulate a written response to each identified point of derogatory information. Minor derogatory information will be adjudicated per background check procedures and policies without further input on the part of the Coordinator.

9.8 The RSO FM will supply a copy of the completed Background Check Verification (BCV) form, signifying background check clearance, to the Coordinator. A copy will be kept with the signed contract in the designated RSO office.

10.0 SUBCONTRACTING. The Coordinator may provide a qualified sub-coordinator for a period of time who has cleared an Installation Records Check, if approved by the Senior Pastor of the supported congregation. However, in such cases, the sub-coordinator shall have no claim whatsoever against the Government for services rendered. The price to be paid the sub-coordinator shall be a matter entirely between the Coordinator and the sub-coordinator. The RSO shall hold the sub-coordinator to the same standards as the Coordinator, per the terms of this Agreement.

11.0 QUALITY ASSURANCE: The Government shall evaluate the Coordinator’s performance under this contract in accordance with the Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan. This plan is primarily focused on what the Government must do to ensure that the Coordinator has performed in accordance with the performance standards. It defines how the performance standards will be applied, the frequency of surveillance, and the minimum acceptable defect rate(s).

12.0 PERFORMANCE REVIEW. The Senior Chaplain will complete performance reviews of the Coordinator performance and submit to the COR/BPA caller for the Contactor File using these tools:

12.1 The Senior Chaplain’s Coordinator Monthly Performance Report, submitted by the 5th day of the following month.

12.2 Senior Chaplain’s Coordinator Quarterly Evaluation, submitted by the last day of the corresponding quarter.

12.3 The Coordinator agrees to insert the substance of this clause, including this paragraph, in all subcontracts hereunder.

13.0 DELIVERABLES. The Contract Line Item Numbers (CLINs) will specify the required deliverables to be performed. The Coordinator cannot be given additional requirements without an amendment to this contract. The Coordinator cannot add additional requirements to the contract on his/her own accord.

Interested Candidates are requested to forward their resume together with three references from individuals who can attest to the candidate’s good work and steadiness.  Candidates who do not possess the specific attributes/qualifications in "6.0 COORDINATOR QUALIFICATIONS and 9.0 BACKGROUND CHECK REQUIREMENTS" above need not apply. All candidates for this position must agree and adhere to the community's "PERSONAL FAITH AND WITNESS CLAUSE" attached as additional information to this job posting.  This is a part-time position with compensation based on budget and the successful candidate’s experience and qualifications.   

Apply directly at: (scroll down to “Ft. Belvoir”).  Your application must include three (3) references including one pastor who can attest to your abilities as they relate to this job posting.  References must include: name, title, organization, relationship to you, email address (necessary field) and phone number. Depending on security software, candidates are requested to monitor spam folders for further application communications from MMI.