Catholic Religious Education Coordinator

Tinker AFB Catholic Religious Education

26 May 2021

Tinker AFB

Catholic Religious Education



The successful candidate for this position will be a 1099 contractor with Music Ministry International and be responsible for the following:


1.1. Description of Services. This is a non-personal service contract for FY20 including option years (single base year and four options years, not to exceed five years). The chapel service contractor (i.e. Staffing Agency) shall provide Religious Education Coordinator services for the Tinker Air Force Base (TAFB) Chapel Catholic Ministry. Because of multiple constraints, a separate individual must fill each Coordinator position. In close coordination with the assigned chaplain(s) and priest, the contractor coordinates and executes the Religious Education program for the respective faith community as identified in this Job Description which uses the terms “Contractor” and “Coordinator” interchangeably throughout. The contractors shall adhere to all denominational standards and requirements applicable to Coordinators of Religious Education (RE).

The Catholic Coordinator of Religious Education must be certified in accordance with requirements as established by the Archdiocese for the Military Services (AMS).In instances where denominational guidance is not available, the contractor consults and coordinates with the contracted priest and/or Religious Education Chaplain as assigned by the Wing Chaplain.

The Religious Education Coordinators shall coordinate and execute faith based Religious

Education and spiritual formation programming for all ages of the Tinker AFB Chapel Catholic  community. Contractor services include providing community wide Religious Education opportunities that support specific youth and adult ministry needs that the Tinker AFB Chapel team and volunteers cannot provide. Examples of such programming are; weekly Sunday School/bible studies, Catechism, Vacation Bible School, Sacramental preparation, Catholic  Confirmation, spiritual formation groups and the Catholic Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA). The Coordinator shall articulate and develop promotional campaigns and activities and maintain records of supplies, materials and attendance (to include volunteers).

Religious Education Coordinators respond to the Religious Education needs of the TAFB

Chapel communities and must be physically available to parishioners and chapel staff in order to provide high quality Religious Education services. The coordinators shall maintain scheduled office hours during the work week on the TAFB Chapel campus in order to be available to the Catholic  Communities. Work schedule may require other than normal duty hours for planning, training, activities over lunch, as well as Sunday and Saturday religious service related activities. Coordinators will average no less than 20 hours weekly of total physical presence and availability as required in planning and execution of Religious Education programs. The contractor shall ensure no action or comment is made that is derogatory to another faith or religion. The Wing Chaplain or designated chaplain/priest reserves the right to approve/disapprove the schedule and activities for chapel programs. Deviation from scheduled hours must be pre-approved by the Wing Chaplain.

The contractor shall identify all programs and services as being TAFB chapel programs and services.


2.1. Air Force Instruction 52-105. Attachment 2:Direct and Indirect Mission Requirements Para 3. Identifies Religious Education Coordinators as a Direct Mission requirement, authorizes one Religious Education Coordinator per faith group and mandates appropriated funds committal to resource this requirement.


3.1. The contractor shall provide evidence of appropriate professional competence, experience and academic qualifications by means of resume and academic transcripts. The Coordinator of Religious Education shall have earned a Bachelor’s degree in Education, with 2 years of full/part time paid religious education experience or a Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline and 4 years full/part time paid religious education experience.

3.1.1. The Catholic Coordinator of Religious Education shall be a Catholic in good standing, must possess the above qualifications and obtain a Catechist Certification from the Archdiocese for the Military Services within six (6) months of the start date of this contract.

3.1.2. The AMS requires Religious Education Coordinators who have not earned a Master’s Degree in Theology or Religious Studies to pursue an Advanced Catechist Certification.

The contractor must comply with any additional requirements the AMS may include at a later date. Any costs incurred by becoming compliant and/or continuing currency with AMS requirements are supported by MMI.

3.2. Have knowledge in theology, education, social science: and skill in developing curriculum, volunteer management, instruction and general administration.

3.3. Be able to apply the knowledge, principles, methods and regulations for the operation of Religious Education programs.

3.4. The Coordinator must be able to recruit, train, coordinate, and manage volunteers for all phases of their respective Religious Education programs.

3.5. Must be able to obtain appropriate security clearance, and/or pass applicable background checks as required.

3.6. Tinker AFB Chapel requests sanitized resumes for review of capability and accomplishments.


4.1. Catholic Religious Education Coordinator shall:

4.1.1. Post and maintain a regular schedule as described in para 1.1. Wing Chaplain or designated assigned Chaplain must pre-approve deviations from posted schedule. Be present to answer questions, recruit volunteers and promote Religious Education programs at no less than 50% of Weekend Masses.

4.1.2. In consultation and close coordination with the Tinker AFB contracted Priest and assigned chaplain, plan and implement a comprehensive Catholic Religious Education program, for authorized military members, authorized civilians and their families.

4.1.3. Program shall be Roman Catholic. No faith, ethnicity, gender, race, or denomination shall be denigrated in any way. The Coordinator is prohibited from proselytizing a particular creed or belief as preferable or superior to another. The Contractor shall not conduct formal counseling, administer sacraments (communion, baptisms, etc…) or perform other Chaplain responsibilities.

4.1.4. Ensure all Catholic Religious Education programming follows subscribed AMS guidelines and reporting procedures.

4.1.5. Prepare and submit RE yearly budget in accordance with (IAW)AFI 52-105 and applicable TAFB Chapel Operating  Record after-action comments on CPC to include suggested changes of directions, trends, and problem areas within one week of completion of the event in-lieu-of formal after-action reports. After-action reports may be required in events where CPC are not utilized.

4.1.7. Provide input for Religious Education program for the Airman Ministry Plan (AMP), to include program needs and projected costs. Attendance at Chapel Ministry Planning event(s) may be required.

4.1.8. Plan, develop and execute a robust weekly Religious Education (RE) programming for prekindergarten through adult, to include but not limited to, Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings.

4.1.9. Be responsible for the planning and execution of TAFB Chapel Catholic developmental Religious Education and Sacramental preparation programs including but not limited to, first communion, confirmation (including applicable retreats) and the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA).

4.1.10. Conduct Parent Meetings in order to advise parents about spiritual formation and Sacramental preparation ministry programs. Educate parents in the phase that their youth may be going through and to clearly articulate youth and parental expectations.

4.1.11. The Coordinator will participate in and work closely with assigned chaplain(s) and the contracted priest in the preparation for and coordination of visits from the Archdiocese for Military Services (AMS).

4.1.12. Regularly update worshipping communities about RE programs with verbal and written announcements.

4.1.13. Develop, plan and execute a robust volunteer recruiting campaign. Volunteers should be primarily from the active TAFB Chapel community and greater Tinker populace.

4.1.14. Conduct training sessions to teach and train volunteers training according to AMS and local requirements. The coordinator will mentor volunteers throughout the year.

4.1.15. While RE classes are not in progress (typically in the Summer season), the coordinator will continue regular office hours to ensure responsive customer support while continuing with a robust program of advertising, volunteer development, recruitment and training for the following RE year. The coordinator will provide additional Religious Education and spiritual formation programming as directed.

4.1.16. In coordination and consultation with the Protestant Religious Education Coordinator, lead the planning, organizing and execution of Ecumenical Religious Education events as directed.

4.1.17. Work closely with counterparts and assigned personnel in leading; planning, volunteer recruiting/training and execution of Ecumenical Vacation Bible School (VBS) or lead the planning recruiting and execution of Catholic specific VBS as directed.

4.1.18. Keep a record of attendance and submit weekly attendance reports in applicable Air Force Data Systems as well as to the Wing Chaplain and Catholic Parish Coordinator as directed.

4.1.19. Ensure all RE volunteers who have contact with children have completed all paperwork necessary for applicable background checks before working with children. Coordinator will ensure all volunteers working with children are easily identifiable IAW AFI 52-101 and Chapel Operating Instructions.

4.1.20. Be present and monitor all “red badge” volunteers during all Catholic RE events and classes. IAW AFI 52-101 the Coordinator will provide required “green badge” coverage for RE programming. The Coordinator is responsible for coordinating additional “green badge” coverage when not able to provide 100% supervision.

4.1.21. Maintain a roster, schedule and list of all volunteers with roles and responsibilities, including primary and alternates. The coordinator is responsible for ensuring the moral character of volunteers is commensurate with their responsibilities. Contractor is responsible for protecting personal information of volunteers.

4.1.22. The Coordinator is responsible for scheduling RE teachers and arranging substitutes as needed.

4.1.23. Keep a record of volunteer hours and submit volunteers with great dedication and impact for appropriate awards.

4.1.24. Provide facility and space requests for RE seasonal programming NLT 1 July for the upcoming Educational year or as directed by the Wing Chaplain.

4.1.25. Prepare all RE correspondence to include, budget requests, bulletin announcements, parental notices, workshop curriculum, meeting agendas and appreciation certificates.

4.1.26. Provide an annual review of the program NLT 15 June by providing a summary of activity, trends and progress from the preceding year. Include information and suggestions regarding future programming direction.

4.1.27. Provide all ordering information in the authorized format for supplies and resources to support Religious Education activities. Fill out and request services or supplies in support of the Catholic Religious Educations

in accordance with established Chapel Tithes & Offerings Fund (CTOF) Operating

Instructions no less than (NLT) ten (10) days in advance of when funds are needed or

Appropriated Funds (APF) NLT thirty (30) days in advance of when funds are needed.

This requires the contractor to be familiar and stay current with the 52 series AFIs and OIs.

Upon receipt of supplies, ensure that the cardholder (if purchased by GPC) receives a copy

of the invoice and packing slip.

4.1.28. Be responsible for obtaining all RE curriculum and supplies for volunteers/teachers before events/classes begin.

4.1.29. Be present during each RE program/event, from at least one-half hour before the event begins and remain until the program/event is over and ensure the areas used are cleared, returned to a neutral setting and secured. The contractor shall maintain the Religious Education areas in a clean, orderly, and safe manner and comply with base safety standards as it pertains to storage areas.

4.1.30. Ensure chapel facilities are clean and returned to original setup condition after programs and use.

4.1.31. Develop/maintain a robust RE marketing and advertising campaign which includes all available/authorized social media technologies.

4.1.32. Interface with Parish Councils and/or leadership and regular Catholic Advisory Council meetings in order to report trends, attendance, needs for the program, and to coordinate congregation support of Religious Education activities.

4.1.33. Attend weekly meetings and input information in “Staff Meeting Slides” by COB on each Monday.

4.1.34. The contractor must coordinate with the Audio and Visual Technician on all technologies used by the chapel. The contractor must utilize and become competent with chapel technology where it interfaces with their role as Catholic RE Coordinator.

4.1.35. Because of the unique requirements of Religious Education and worship services, the contractor may be required to provide services on Federal Holidays.

4.1.36. Provide additional Religious Educations services and programs for special events, holidays and other chapel programming as needed.

4.1.37. Possess an ability to maintain healthy, functional interpersonal relationships with staff, parents, and children in a pluralistic environment.

4.1.38. Have the ability to communicate effectively both oral and written, efficiently organize, and manage diverse program elements.

4.1.39. Identify themselves as contractor personnel by introducing themselves or being introduced as contractor personnel and displaying distinguishing badges or other visible identification  for meetings with Government personnel. In addition, contractor personnel shall appropriately identify themselves as contractors in formal and informal written correspondence and conversations.

4.1.40. Comply with all Federal, State, and Local laws and requirements, as well as applicable Air

Force Instructions, local Operating Instructions, and policies and directives that apply to this position.

4.1.41. Submit a request for monthly payment using Wide Area Workflow

4.1.42. Notify the assigned RE Chaplain or Wing Chaplain of any problems or issues that arise during the performance of this contract.

4.1.43. Adhere to Air Force computer security requirements and usage directives.

4.1.44. Complete pertinent annual training provided by the chapel staff.

4.1.45. Comply with mandatory training requirements for all contractors and maintain current training records.

4.1.46. The contractor shall open and secure the chapel and other facilities used for RE activities as needed.

4.1.47. The contractor shall maintain dress and appearance of a conservative nature and in good taste at all times.

4.1.48. In the case of emergency, the contractor will notify the assigned Chaplain within 24 hours of emergency based absence. The contractor is responsible for all costs associated with providing a substitute.

4.1.49. The contractor shall observe all local safety requirements and procedures and participate in random anti-terrorism measures (RAMs) as required by Tinker AFB Emergency

Management operations when they occur.

4.1.50. Participate in the preparation for MAJCOM and Wing directed inspections, as required.

4.1.51. The contractor will either personally perform the services described above or coordinate performance by a substitute of equal or higher proficiency, who has been approved in advance by the appointed chaplain or designee. Submit the names and qualifications of proposed subcontractors to the Contract Monitor for approval at least 14 days prior to the proposed absence. Subcontractors must meet the requirements for the position as outlined in this SOW. Contractor is responsible for payment of substitute.

4.1.52. The contractor shall pay any Social Security payments, Federal or Local Income Taxes, and State Unemployment Insurance premiums for themselves, as well as any individual employed or subcontracted by them to provide services under this contract.

Interested Candidates are requested to forward their resume together with three references from individuals who can attest to the candidate’s good work and steadiness.  Candidates who do not possess the specific attributes/qualifications in "3. EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS" above need not apply. This is a part-time position with compensation based on budget and the successful candidate’s experience and qualifications..   

APPLY DIRECTLY at: (scroll down to “Tinker”).  Your application must include three (3) references including one priest or pastor who can attest to your abilities as they relate to this job posting by April 30, 2021.  References must include: name, title, organization, relationship to you, email address (necessary field) and phone number. Depending on security software, candidates are requested to monitor spam folders for further application communications from MMI.