Roman Catholic Priest

Armed Forces Retirement Home Washington DC Clergy

19 Jun 2024

Armed Forces Retirement Home Washington DC


Pastoral Care


Roman Catholic Priest, Armed Forces Retirement Home, Washington, DC

Background: The Priest chaplain will serve a modern retirement community which offers Residential
Living, Independent Plus, Assisted Living, Long Term Care and Memorial Support.

 Scope of Work The contractor shall have the overall responsibility of the Catholic Community
Religious Activities, conducting programs consistent with Standard Operating Procedures for
Religious Activities, Chaplains and Chapels as are in place during the duration of the contract.
Though the Chaplain has no direct control over any Chapel Funds, per SOP the Chaplain
serves as a nonvoting member of the Chapel Fund Council. When necessary, collects and
seals collections when required number of volunteers are not available. Places collection in the
safe and notifies Chapel Fund Manager that deposit has not been completed due to lack of
required volunteers. Committee The contractor shall be an ordained Roman Catholic priest
with ecclesiastical endorsement. The contractor shall provide services based on 40 hours per

The following delineate the activities which the chaplain shall perform independently:

a. Conduct Mass on Sunday and on other days, to include daily Mass on week-days and other days, as
determined between the priest, congregation and home.
b. Conduct daily pastoral visitation as scheduled to and for all residents, as a part of the overall chaplain
pastoral support program.
c. Conduct rites and sacraments, such as Eucharist, Reconciliation, Sacrament of the Sick,Baptism,
Matrimony and funeral services, in accordance with established procedures of his/her faith group.
d. Shall minister to all residents regardless of faith group, while refraining from infringing uponthe
sacraments of other faith groups.
e. Assist the AFRH, as requested, in the development and conducting of religious services, to include
special religious services to observe special days and occasions such as:Thanksgiving Day, Memorial
Day, Veterans Day, Christmas Day, Memorial Services, and others as may be requested, which are
ecumenical and/or non-denominational.
f. Subscribe to and support the visions and goals of pastoral care as outlined by the Standard Operating
Procedures (SOPs), as are in place during the duration of the contract.
g. Dress appropriately in clerical attire.
h. Set up religious facilities, equipment and liturgical appointments for programs and worship services;
assist and/or instruct other chaplains or volunteers assisting in worship services.
i. Organize and distribute devotional, religious education and publicity materials to enhance pastoral
support of the Residents.
j. Help forecast office needs and requirements; and, prepare and submit supply requests to the COR.
k. Prepare and submit reports to the Chief, Resident Services as requested and as outlined in current
l. Work out of and be available for drop-in visits, appointments, and pastoral counseling in the office
designated by the Government. Visits shall be during normal working hours and shall be scheduled so as
not to interfere with the weekday visitation schedule.
m. Provide worship bulletins and other publications necessary to accomplish worship and ministry.
n. Prepare and provide written procedural and schedule instruction necessary for use in the absence of
the full-time Chaplain.
o. Chart and attend meetings as requested and as necessary to comply with Long Term Care regulations
and policies and procedures.
p. Create an environment free of discrimination and harassment for all residents residing at the home with
whom work is done. Work with COR to resolve resident complaints.
q. Identify subcontractors and obtain approval from the Contracting Officer prior to allowing them to
assume any religious activities.
r. Assist in the compilation and analysis of statistical data related to the Religious Activities.
s. The Contractor may attend meetings and be a committee member as requested and with knowledge of
the COR.
The normal hours of operations for AFRH are from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday.
a. Backup Coverage; The Contractor shall provide backup coverage for required service in his absence.
The Government does not cover the cost of back-up coverage.
b. Scheduled Absences; The Contractor shall schedule absences such as vacation, continuing education,
and any other changes that could impact services to the residents, at least 6 weeks in advance. The
COR, and the Contractor shall mutually agree upon the scheduled absence and the Contractor shall
provide a backup Chaplain who is familiar with the procedures for scheduled services.
c. Unscheduled Absences; The Contractor shall notify the COR four (4) hours prior to the scheduled shift
when unable to work (e.g. illness)

Interested Priests with faculties and good standing with the Roman Catholic Church are requested to forward their resume information and letter of interest.  Additional information for completing this application will be shared with qualified candidates during mutually agreeable scheduled telephonic meetings.