Musician Coordinator Sound Technician

Ft. Benning

04 Oct 2019

Ft. Benning


The successful candidate for this position will be a 1099 contractor with Music Ministry International and be responsible for the following:

1.0 General Information:

1.1 SCOPE OF WORK:  The coordinator shall provide all personnel in cooperation with Music Ministry International and supervision as necessary at various locations at Chattahoochee and Muscogee Counties, Fort Benning, Georgia, to perform duties as the Musician Coordinator.  

1.2 BACKGROUND INFORMATION:  The mission of the Garrison Chaplain’s Office is to provide military religious support and activities that meet the religious requirements of Soldiers, Families and authorized DoD Civilians.  The primary goal of the Garrison Chaplain is to ensure the free exercise of religion, mandated by United States Code (USC) Title 10 and the Resource Management Directorate (RMD) User Guide.


1.3.1. Coordinator shall be computer literate with knowledge of word processing, database, and spreadsheet software.

1.3.2. The Coordinator is required to be knowledgeable with Planning Center coordination software.

1.3.3  The Coordinator shall and have a high level of audio reinforcement knowledge which includes the operation of various kinds of soundboard and audio visual equipment. The coordinator should personally have this skill or be able to provide a plan to meet the needs of the Chaplains for sound training and troubleshooting as they arise.  The coordinator should include in the application documentation and certification of audio visual and sound technology expertise.

1.4.   SAFETY REQUIREMENTS:  The Coordinator shall comply with Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) and all pertinent provisions of the publication 29 CFR 1910, and EM 385-1-1, Safety and Health Requirement Manual.

1.4.1 HOURS

1.4.2 Hours of operation or place of performance:  The coordinator is responsible for conducting services at various hours, Monday through Sunday except federal holidays or when the government facility is closed due to local or national emergencies, administrative closings, or similar government-directed facility closings.  The coordinator shall at all times maintain an adequate work force for the uninterrupted performance of all tasks defined within this PWS when the government facility is not closed for the above reasons.  When hiring personnel, the coordinator shall maintain stability and continuity within its work force.


Coordinator shall coordinate the schedule of those services requiring rehearsal as well as the locations upon contract award.  Rehearsals will not be required for every service.  Rehearsals shall be required for memorials and other special events. 

2.0 Specific tasks

2.1 Basic Services:  The coordinator shall provide services to assure the best in live, quality instrumental music for worship services and rehearsals as required by the Senior Pastor Chaplain of each service according to the needs of that congregation.  The majority of worship services are scheduled for Saturday or Sunday at one of the Fort Benning Chapels or designated government facilities.  In addition to the normal scheduled worship services, the coordinator shall provide for occasional Special Services and Memorials as required in accordance with AR 165-1 and USC Title 10. 


3.1 Relative to the term and termination of this contract, the term of this Contract, unless sooner terminated as hereinafter provided, will be for a maximum of three years.

Interested Candidates are requested to forward their resume together with three references from individuals who can attest to the candidate’s good work and steadiness.  Candidates who do not possess the specific attributes/qualifications in "1.3 EXPERIENCE AND QUALIFICATIONS" above need not apply. This is a part-time position with compensation based on budget and the successful candidate’s experience and qualifications..   

Apply online at this job board or you may apply directly at: (scroll down to “Ft. Benning”).  Your application must include three (3) references including one priest or pastor who can attest to your abilities as they relate to this job posting.  References must include: name, title, organization, relationship to you, email address (necessary field) and phone number.