Ecumenical Worship Musician Pianist or Guitarist

MacDill AFB Chapel Musicians

24 Sep 2019

MacDill AFB Chapel


Pianist or Guitarist


The successful candidate for this position will be a 1099 contractor with Music Ministry International and be responsible for the following:

1. Contract Position Title. Ecumenical Worship Musician

2. Scope of Responsibilities. Musician is responsible for providing musical accompaniment for the Catholic Masses and musical direction for the Protestant Ecumenical Worship Service at MacDill AFB Chapel.

3. Education and Experience Requirement. The Ecumenical Worship Musician must:

A. Be proficient on the guitar and piano, and must be able to sight-read hymns, contemporary, and praise music, both harmonics and rhythms, and be well-versed in a variety of musical styles. Christian hymns, praise music, contemporary songs, and liturgical songs will be selected for worship.

B. Possess a high level of musical skill and the ability to work with the cantor, musicians, and singers in the respective worship services. Possess the ability to lead and/or accompany worship by singing and playing the guitar or piano at the same time.

C. Possess the ability to maintain professional standards of conduct and public decorum.

D. Have completed education level equivalent to an Associate of Arts degree in any field of study and/or at least two to five years of experience as a musician in a church.

E. Have a breadth and depth of knowledge necessary to accomplish the weekly support of the Catholic Music Program. This person must demonstrate a familiarity with the Catholic faith as articulated by the documents of the Second Vatican Council and subsequent statements of the American National Conference of Catholic Bishops, especially the Directives on Music in the Liturgy.

4. General Responsibilities. The Musician will:

A. Organize a group of singers and musicians to provide worship music for the Catholic & Protestant Parishes. In selecting each week’s songs, the musician will endeavor to blend the musical styles of liturgical, contemporary, gospel, and traditional hymns, as appropriate.

B. Possess an ability to maintain healthy, functional interpersonal relationships with co-workers,

parishioners and customers in a unique multi-cultural, multi-faith environment.

C. Ensure all keys/key fobs, if any, issued by the chapel staff are not lost, misplaced, or used by

unauthorized persons. All keys are property of the US Government. The Musician will not duplicate any US Government key. Upon termination of the contract, the musician will return keys to Bldg 355 (Base Chapel) Facility Manager.

D. Ensure all facilities are properly secured at the conclusion of all rehearsals, performances, and/or services. Ensure cleanliness of all facilities utilized in conjunction with programs.

E. Observe all safety and security requirements in the facility being used and make all reasonable efforts to protect US Government property from damage.

F. Comply with all Federal, State, and Local Laws and requirements and Air Force Instructions that apply to this position.

G. Comply with all chapel operating instructions, specifically those regarding facility usage, resource protection, fire prevention, and funds utilization.

H. Submit a criminal history background check for positions involving contact with children below 18 years of age, as directed by DoDI 1402.5 Criminal History Background Checks on Individuals in Child Care Services.

5. Catholic Parish Specific Responsibilities. For the Catholic Parish, the Musician will:

A. Conform to the directives of the American National Conference of Catholic Bishops as given in Directives on Music in the Liturgy.

B. Provide music and/or musical accompaniment at the 1730 Saturday Mass and the 0930 Sunday Mass. Services are to be rendered at the MacDill AFB Chapel unless otherwise specified by the Catholic Chaplain.

C. Attend rehearsals as required.

D. Be able to work special rehearsals and/or services as authorized by the Catholic Chaplain or his designate; Catholic services consist of : 104 Saturday and Sunday Masses, 35 Rehearsals, 7 Holy Day worship, 2 Christmas Masses, 2 Tridium worship, 3 Holy Week services and 2 memorial/funeral units.

E. Support the music program as determined by the Catholic Chaplain or his designate.

F. Provide music accompaniment at the services.

G. Coordinate the purchase of music and/or equipment needed for the parish.

H. Assist in the development of a Catholic Liturgical Music Program encompassing the needs of the presider, musicians, cantors, choirs and congregation, as well as the Liturgy Commission.

6. Protestant Parish Specific Responsibilities. For the Protestant Parish, the Musician will:

A. Provide leadership at all worship services and designated rehearsals. Protestant services consist of a minimum of 52 Sunday Worship Services and 35 Rehearsals. Services are to be rendered at the MacDill AFB Chapel unless otherwise specified by the 1100 Ecumenical Worship Chaplain.

B. Play for all performances at the 1100 Protestant Ecumenical Worship Service.

C. Coordinate with the 1100 Ecumenical Worship Service Chaplain to select all songs and determine song order and style. He/she will create the PowerPoint and/or Easy Worship slides or song sheets needed to lead the congregation in worship. He/she will be responsible for copying/distributing the song sheet or loading the PowerPoint and/or Easy Worship slides onto the sanctuary computer each week.

He/she will work with existing worship service musicians to make sure all musical selections fit together to form a meaningful and relevant worship set. The Protestant Ecumenical Worship Leader is under the direct leadership of the 1100 Protestant Ecumenical Worship Service Chaplain. Ensure music/service music lyric presentation is turned in NLT Thursday @ 1200 prior to service to the Chapel email org box This includes slide show presentation of lyrics prepared and ready to project on TV monitors before the start of services.

D. Plan the year’s music and calendar by attending a quarterly meeting with the 1100 Ecumenical Worship Service Chaplain.

E. Upon request by the chaplain of the 1100 Ecumenical Worship Service, the Ecumenical Worship Musician will perform during special services such as funerals, memorial services, specific religious observances, cantatas, Vacation Bible School, chapel retreats, and other special programs; not to exceed 8 special service units.

F. Lead worship weekly and provide guitar and/or piano accompaniment for all worship services, including accompaniment of the choir and/or praise team.

G. Rehearse with the 1100 Ecumenical Worship Service Choir and musicians as required. These rehearsals may be held prior to worship services if worship schedules permit and the Ecumenical Worship Service Chaplain permits.