Catholic Music Director Musician Pianist or Organist

Beale Air Force Base Chapel Musicians

30 Aug 2019

Beale Air Force Base Chapel


Pianist or Organist


The successful candidate for this position will be a 1099 contractor with Music Ministry International and be responsible for the following:

  • Scope of Responsibilities.   Serves as the Music Director and Musician for Beale AFB Catholic Service programs. These programs include weekly Mass, weekly choir rehearsal, and special events.  A base period of one weekly worship = 52 units, one monthly rehearsal = 12 units and occasional special events =9 units  – starting on 25 Sep 2019 – 24 Sep 2020; and 4 additional Years with similar requirements.
  • General Responsibilities. The Catholic Music Director/Musician will:
    • Under the direction of the chaplain in charge of the Catholic program, manage the Catholic music programs.
    • Submit annual worship programming budget proposal for approval to the chaplain in charge of the Catholic program.
    • Recruit, train, support and supervise musicians/singers/volunteers. 
  • Education, Experience and Personal Requirement.
  • 3.1         The Music Director/Musician should have musical/vocal ability through formal classes and at least two years’ experience cantering, directing choirs, and leading congregations in the Catholic Church.  Must be able to sight-read music and direct others in singing music from the Oregon Catholic Press (OCP) series, GIA/Gather, and other music specified by the Catholic Chaplain Advisor

3.2          Should have a Bachelor’s Degree.

3.3         Two years’ experience, as a minimum, in coordinating and performing the mass.

3.4         Must be familiar with and able to blend various musical instruments in the worship service.

3.5         Provide one clergy reference, reference from supervisor of last position, and a resume.

3.6         Have ability to organize, teach, and manage volunteers in a flexible, changing working environment.

3.7         Must dress conservatively commensurate with the prudent expectations at each worship service.

3.8         Undergo successful background criminal history check at local, state and national levels.

3.9         Have working knowledge of audio-visual equipment such as sound systems and projectors.

3.10     Be interviewed and audition before recommended panel organized by the senior-ranking chaplain in charge of service.

  •     Specific Responsibilities.
  • 5.1. Direct Catholic Choir at scheduled rehearsals, Mass, and special events.  Worship services begin at 1030 on Sundays and end normally not later than 1130.  Prepare for and conduct regular monthly rehearsal, prepare the Catholic Choirs to sing hymns, praise, and worship choruses, and other appropriate music for the regular Sunday Catholic Mass.
    5.2. Assist the chaplain in charge of the Catholic program with Mass planning, music selection, sound/audio-visual programming and power-point. 
  •  5.3. Design and implement a worship campaign for the Catholic program in coordination with the chaplain in charge of the Catholic program.
  •  5.4. Maintain records and statistical information of volunteer names, contact information, hours worked and attendance figures for the Catholic music programs and its events, and report said information as required by applicable Air Force Instructions, Air Force Chief of Chaplains policies and the Catholic Chaplain/Priest. 
  •  5.5. Attend weekly meeting with the chaplain in charge of the Catholic program as requested. 
  •  5.6. Attend weekly staff meetings and financial working groups as requested by the Wing Chaplain. 
  •  5.7. Will adhere to music/all copyright laws. 
  •  5.8. Will exercise proper care over chapel music equipment and insure that there are procedures in effect to protect and safeguard such equipment and to insure that it is kept in serviceable condition. 
  • 5.9. Will submit appropriate requests for new equipment, replacements, and repair.  The Music Director will submit a music budget to the Catholic Chaplain or his designate for approval.  Following established Chaplain Fund and Appropriated Fund procedures, the Music Director will arrange for the purchase of all necessary music and supplies.
  •  5.10. On a monthly basis, the Music Director in coordination with the Catholic Chaplain or his designate will plan all music selections. 
  •  5.11. Will be paid by the unit not to exceed the amount appropriated for this service.  The Music Director will certify and submit completed units authorized under this service each month to the Chaplain Advisor, on the chapel invoice/receiving report designated for that purpose before any payments will be made.  Request for payment for Special Services is also to be recorded and submitted with the chapel reports.  The Music Director is self-employed and responsible to pay all taxes due, both State and Federal. 
  •  5.12. When any substitution for the Music Director is necessary, every effort possible will be made to notify, at least 7 days prior to the scheduled service, the Catholic Chaplain or his designate.  A person of equal or higher qualification, subject to the Catholic Chaplain or his designate approval, can be substituted.

Interested Candidates are requested to forward their resume together with three references from individuals who can attest to the candidate’s good work and steadiness.  Candidates who do not possess the specific attributes/qualifications in "Education, Experience and Personal Requirement" above need not apply. This is a part-time position with compensation based on budget and the successful candidate’s experience and qualifications..   

Apply online at this job board or you may apply directly at: (scroll down to “Beale”).  Your application must include three (3) references including one priest or pastor who can attest to your abilities as they relate to this job posting.  References must include: name, title, organization, relationship to you, email address (necessary field) and phone number.