Protestant Youth Ministry Coordinator

Patrick AFB Chapel Youth Ministry Coordination

21 Aug 2019

Patrick AFB Chapel

Youth Ministry Coordination



NOTE Updated deadline for application is September 17, 2019.

The successful candidate for this position will be a 1099 contractor with Music Ministry International and be responsible for the following:

1.0 Position Title. Protestant Youth Program Coordinator
2.0 Scope of Responsibilities.
The Protestant Youth of the Chapel (PYOC) program mission is to meet youth (grades 7-
12) needs with a Christian faith-based youth and outreach program, for a diverse, multi-cultural
and multi-ethnic group of youth living in a military infrastructure.
The primary goal is to foster and strengthen faith commitments through fellowship activities,
meetings and events, Bible studies, retreats, camps and mentoring programs involving youth
within the Protestant chapel community. Youth religious services and activities are specifically
Protestant but non-denominational in scope.
3.0 General Responsibilities. The Protestant Youth Program Coordinator will:
3.1. Coordinate a program of religious education (RE) with the Protestant RE coordinator
and advising chaplain in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the Air Force
Chaplain Corps for youth grades 7-12. Estimate 10 hours per week.
3.2. Assess religious support needs for the youth and propose programs to meet these needs
to the advising Protestant chaplain to include weekly youth group meetings, a monthly
special event, and an annual retreat.
3.3. Make contacts with youth in the community by attending school, sport, social and
community activities where youth are present in order to build personal relationships
that will encourage youth to attend activities.
3.4. Work with chaplains to support youth participation in all the worship services by
personal involvement when appropriate and at a minimum coordinating youth worship
involvement with the advising chaplain for appropriate advertisement.
3.5. Notify the advising chaplain or the alternate advising chaplain of any planned or
unplanned absences and, if necessary, arrange for a substitute. Substitute’s
qualifications must meet or exceed the qualifications (including background check).
3.6. Open, secure and lock chapel facilities whenever used for services, meetings, activities,
or ceremonies. Read and sign facility usage, security, key control, and safety letter
(available via the chapel staff).
3.7. Implement approved programs and evaluate program success through After Action
3.8. Prepare and submit an annual budget to the advising chaplain and Protestant Parish
3.9. Submit fund requests through the Protestant Parish Coordinator or advising chaplain to
the Chapel Fund Account Manager.
3.10. Submit a projected calendar (to include special events, recurring events, as well as
retreats and humanitarian projects planned for the year. At the same time, submit the
projected cost for each event, and the payment plan.
3.11. Appearance and Conduct: Maintain a neat, clean and well-groomed professional
appearance and conduct self in business-like manner. Able to work in a religiously
pluralistic environment and have willingness to work with people of diverse faith
3.12. Work in conjunction with the Protestant Religious Education Coordinator and advising
chaplain to provide materials and curriculum for the Junior and Senior High youth.
3.13. Ensure set-up and tear down of facility (i.e., returning tables and chairs to original
location, storing equipment in secure locations). Ensure curriculum and materials are
properly stored and classrooms are free of loose materials and debris after use.
Coordinator may recruit volunteers to perform set-up and tear down tasks.
3.14. Report any routine facility problems to the facility manager on the next official duty day.
Report any emergency facility problems immediately to the facility manager during
weekdays or the duty chaplain during nights/weekends.
3.15. As soon as possible and no later than two months from the award of contract, provide
an assessment of current state of youth ministry to the advising chaplain with
recommendations to address needs.
3.16. As advised by chaplain responsible for youth ministry, be ready to recruit volunteers to
assist in the conduct of the program. Be ready to mentor and conduct training sessions
as needed to teach and train volunteers in basic aspects of youth ministry. Help
volunteers become comfortable in youth ministry, teaching them the skills and
confidence to be effective volunteers.
3.17. Provide advertising and promotional bulletin announcements, articles, flyers and
materials to the advising chaplain in a timely manner for approval prior to distribution in
chapel congregations, for inclusion in chapel bulletins, and publishing in approved
online resources.
3.18. Attend all Protestant Parish Council coordination meetings, no less than once a quarter,
in order to report trends, attendance, needs for the program, and to coordinate
congregational support for youth ministries.
3.19 Conduct quarterly parent meetings in order to advise parents about the youth ministry
programs, its goals and needs. Encourage parents to be active participants in the youth
ministry program. Educate parents in the phases that their youth may be going through
and things to watch for in their spiritual development.
3.20 Provide advising chaplain a semi-annual review of the program providing a summary of
activity, trends and progress during the preceding year. Include information and
suggestions regarding future program direction.
3.21. Provide ordering information in the authorized format for supplies and resources to
support youth activities.
4.0. Specific Responsibilities. The Protestant Youth Program Coordinator shall:
4.1. Provide a weekly report to the advising chaplain on the number and type of events
conducted, participant attendance, hours worked and a list of planned events for up to
the next 90 days.
4.2. Provide a weekly email to the advising chaplain and his/her alternate, specifying the
youth events and training events conducted, the number of participants that attended,
the number of volunteers that were a part of the event, the location of the event, and
the duration of the event within 15 minute increments.
4.3 Provide print-ready copy to the Protestant chaplain or chapel staff as directed for
approval of publicity for upcoming events.
4.4 Disseminate approved advertising and promotional material through weekly updates in
chapel bulletins and flyers distributed to Base housing areas.
4.5 Maintain up-to-date rosters of youth ministry participants and volunteers with pertinent
emergency contact information at least once monthly.
4.6 Ensure advising chaplain and legal office-approved permission slips are correct and on
file for all events.
4.7 Submit chapel logistical support requests no less than two to four weeks prior to the
date of need (e.g., transportation, reprographics, supplies, etc.)
5.0 Minimum Acceptable Qualifications.
5.1. Possess knowledge of the beliefs and practices of the major Protestant faith groups and
be willing to work with those from inter-denominational and ecumenical (Catholic &
Protestant) environments and backgrounds to include a minimum of two years’
experience as a your minister.
5.2 Bachelor's Degree in the area of youth ministry, or any other ministry field from an
accredited university or two years of work experience (paid or volunteer) as a Youth
Minister, Sunday School Superintendent, Director of Religious Education, Formal
Christian School teacher or related field.
5.3. Ability to communicate effectively with chapel staff, volunteers, youth, and government
representatives in English orally and in written format (i.e. advertising and marketing,
instructions, invoices, etc.).

DEADLINE: September 17,  2019. Interested Candidates are requested to forward their resume
together with three references from individuals who can attest to the candidate’s good work
and steadiness. Candidates who do not possess the specific attributes/qualifications in
"Qualifications" above need not apply. This is a part-time position of up to 10 hours/week with compensation based on budget and the successful candidate’s experience and qualifications.

You may apply through this Job Board or Directly: https://music-ministry.jobsoid... (scroll
down to “Patrick AFB”). Your application must include three (3) references who can attest to
your abilities as they relate to this job posting, including one pastor/minister. References
must include: name, title, organization, relationship to you, email address (necessary field) and
phone number.