Protestant Religious Education Coordinator

Robins AFB Chapel Religious Education

06 Aug 2019

Robins AFB Chapel

Religious Education



The successful candidate for this position will be a 1099 Coordinator with Music MinistryInternational and be responsible for the following:

1.0 Contract Position Title. Protestant Religious Education Coordinator.
2.0 Scope of Responsibilities. The Coordinator shall provide the personnel to serve as a
resource person, advisor, and coordinator, and at times instructor of all Protestant
Religious Education at Robins AFB, GA with no more than two customer complaints per
month. Coordinator shall be a member of a Middle Georgia Protestant Faith Community or
willing to relocate to one.
3.0 Qualifications, Education, Experience and Requirements. The Coordinator shall:
3.1 Coordinator shall be a committed follower of Christ (Christian) and shall possess a
strong commitment to religious education as a mission of the Church.
3.2 Possess 6 years of experience working with and directing a religious education
program at a military installation.
3.3 Have a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree.
3.4 Possess excellent telephone, keyboarding, and customer service skills, as well as:
Good attention to detail, ability to use a computer, with knowledge in MS Word, MS
excel, MS Publisher, and MS Power Point.
3.5 Have excellent written and verbal communication and public relation skills.
3.6 Upon award of contract obtain a favorable eligibility from a National Agency Check
(NAC) through Chapel Security Manager, as directed by DoD 1402.5 Criminal History
Background Checks on Individuals in Child Care Services.
3.7 Upon award of contract accomplish the necessary VIRTUS training for the
Protection of God’s Children.
3.8 Demonstrate professionalism and compassion in their relationships with the base
community and parishioners.
3.9 Demonstrate a commitment to the Robins AFB Protestant Community and its
Religious Education Program through active participation and promotion of said
3.10 Work cohesively in the interfaith environment of the Air Force Chaplaincy
3.11 Recruit, train, and assign all teachers, staff, helpers, substitutes, and students
with no more than two customer complaints per month.
3.12 Maintain monthly statistical attendance reports.
3.13 Plan and resource a comprehensive plan of religious education for all ages
represented in the chapel setting through an annual calendar and budget. Activities
will include but are not limited to: special events/activates related to religious
holidays, educational workshops, or assemblies.
3.14 Regularly publicize RE activities and events to the base populaces and parish
members via various media outlets: Facebook pages, newsletters, e-mail,
announcements, inserts, flyers, local/base paper, information fairs, and
organizational activates/events.
3.15 Attend required chapel meetings and Parish Advisory Council meetings. Meet as
needed with the Senior Protestant chaplain or designee to coordinate planning and
support of the RE program.
3.16 Build and manage the RE library resources to include AV equipment, books,
media, etc.
3.17 Advise the Protestant chaplain on current trends and needs of the religious
communities for RE materials, and ensure it does not denigrate any religious group.
3.18 Be responsible to submit and follow-up on background checks on all volunteers
working with children under the age of 18 to the Non-Commissioned Officer in
Charge (NCOIC).
3.19 Provide VIRTUS training to all volunteers to include teachers, substitutes, aides,
helpers, and youth ministers.
3.20 Maintain oversight of the Child Ministry program and its leaders.
3.21 Prepare and resource for the following annual programs: Sunday School, AWANA
(Aug- May), various bible studies (as needed), one marriage seminar ( in
cooperation with the Wing Chaplain).
3.22 Arrange and maintain necessary classroom space with other base agencies when
more space is needed.
3.23 Ensure all facilities are returned to prescribed setup, cleaned, and secured upon
4.0 Government Furnished Property and Services.
4.1 The Government will provide all equipment needed for Coordinator to perform
their duties such as office equipment/supplies and Religious Education supplies.
5.0 General Information.
5.1 Security Requirements
5.1.1 Government Security Regulations: The Coordinator shall ensure
personnel, information, system, facility, and international security
requirements are met in accordance with DoD 5220.2, DoD 5220.22-M,
National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM), Air
Force Instruction (AFI) 31-101, Integrated Defense, and Robins Air Force
Base Instruction (RAFBI) 31-101, Installation Security.
5.1.2 Security Clearance: The Coordinator shall ensure Coordinator personnel
have a valid security clearance appropriate to the access required for
proper accomplishment of contract/order requirements. Coordinator
personnel shall not be authorized access to classified and/or sensitive,
but unclassified, information and/or materials or be permitted to work
on classified and/or sensitive, but unclassified, projects and/or programs
without a proper security clearance and a need-to-know. Coordinator
personnel whose clearances have been suspended or revoked shall
immediately be denied access to classified and/or sensitive, but
unclassified, information.
5.1.3 Communications Security (COMSEC): The Coordinator shall use only
secure communications methods and/or equipment to transmit or
otherwise transfer classified and/or sensitive, but unclassified,
information in accordance with DoD 5220.22-M.
5.1.4 Access to Government System: The Government will provide Coordinator
personnel access to systems required to perform tasks under the
contract/order. The Coordinator shall ensure Coordinator personnel who
require access to a Government AIS have a DNACI conducted in
accordance with DoD 5220.2. The Government will provide system access
subject to approval of the DD Form 2875. Upon completion/termination
of the contract/order or transfer/termination of Coordinator personnel,
the system account will be closed.
5.1.5 Access to Government Facilities The Coordinator shall ensure
Coordinator personnel who require access to Robins AFB or other
Government facilities comply with the security procedures of the facility.
5.1.6 If Coordinator personnel require repeated access to Robins AFB or
another Government facility over the life of the contract/order, the
Coordinator shall ensure they complete, as applicable, a DD Form 1172-2
(Application for Department of Defense Common Access Card – DEERS
Enrollment) to obtain a Common Access Card (CAC), an Air Force Materiel
Command (AFMC) Form 496 (Application for AFMC Identification Card) to
obtain an AFMC Identification Card, or an AFMC Form 387 (Coordinator
ID Card/Badge) to obtain a Coordinator Identification (ID) Card/Badge.
5.1.7 All visitation requests will be submitted through the Joint Personnel
Adjunction System (JPAS) to the contract security manager Security
Management Office (SMO) code RX1MFN826. Visitations will be made
available for review by the Group Security Manager (GSM) of the area
where the task will be performed.
5.1.8 Operations Security (OPSEC): The Coordinator shall ensure compliance
with OPSEC requirements including procedures to protect classified
and/or sensitive, but unclassified, Government projects and/or programs.
The Coordinator shall ensure Coordinator personnel who perform work
at Robins AFB or another Government facility comply with the OPSEC
procedures of the facility.
5.1.9 Security Incident or Violation: The Coordinator shall immediately notify
the Government Security Office of any potential or actual security
incidents or violations including potential or actual unauthorized
disclosure or compromise of classified and/or sensitive, but unclassified,
6.0 Place of Performance. Services shall be performed in Building 769, Base Chapel.
7.0 Schedule. The Coordinator shall ensure Coordinator personnel are present and available
not to exceed 30 hours a week to support Monday through Friday and on Sundays.
Coordinator must support the following services: Sunday School, Children’s Church,
AWANA (Aug-May), Various Bible Studies (as needed), One Marriage Seminar, Teachers
Training, and Vacation Bible School.

DEADLINE: August 10, 2019. Interested Candidates are requested to forward their resume
together with three references from individuals who can attest to the candidate’s good work
and steadiness. Candidates who do not possess the specific attributes/qualifications in
"Qualifications" above need not apply. This is a part-time position with compensation based on
budget and the successful candidate’s experience and qualifications.