Protestant Youth Director

Ramstein Air Force Base Chapel Youth Ministry Coordination

22 Oct 2019

Ramstein Air Force Base Chapel

Youth Ministry Coordination

Youth Coordinator


The successful candidate for this position will be a 1099 contractor with Music Ministry International and be responsible for the following:

1.  Title.  Protestant Youth Director for the Ramstein Air Base Chaplain Corps (86 AW/HC) here in called “PYD.”  Consults, coordinates with and is monitored by the Resources and Requirements Branch Chief or designee here in called “Branch Chief” and the Senior Faith Group Chaplain assigned to the PYD here in called “Chaplain.”

2.  Scope of Responsibilities.  Responsible for Protestant youth administrative functions at Ramstein AB, Germany, working closely with the Chaplain to ensure budgets, program schedules, publicity, and other required items are developed and implemented.  Foreign nationals are not eligible bidders because of the more than incidental contact with minors.  The PYD shall have at least twelve months retainability in the local area, provide all personnel, labor, materials, and transportation to provide non-personal service in support of the Ramstein Chapel for the PYD position.  The PYD is the Protestant Youth of the Chapel (PYOC) ministry leader providing for a Protestant youth services based on Ramstein AB providing outreach to the Kaiserslautern Military Community (KMC).  The PYD, in coordination with chapel staff, will provide PYOC Christian leaders for middle and senior high school (MS & HS) weekly youth ministry programs.  The PYD coordinates all responsibilities with the Branch Chief or their designee.  The PYOC outreach is to all diverse, multi-cultural Protestant youth in the KMC regardless of race, denomination, or creed.  The PYOC is a combination of the AF Chaplain Corps, PYD, and Protestant youth volunteer leaders working together for Protestant youth spiritual edification and quality-of-life.

2.1.  This is a non-personal service contract to perform duties as the CY Coordinator.  The U.S. Government shall neither supervise nor control the method by which the PYD performs required task herein.  It shall be the responsibility of the PYD to guard against any actions that are of the nature of personal services or give the perception of personal services.  If the PYD feels that any actions constitute or are perceived to constitute personal services, it shall be the PYD’s responsibility to notify the Contracting Officer immediately.  These services shall not be used to perform work of a policy/decision making or management nature (e.g. inherently governmental functions).  All decisions relative to programs supported by the PYD shall be the sole responsibility of the U.S. Government.

3.  Education and Experience.  The PYD must:

3.1.  Possess a minimum of 2 years of Protestant youth leadership experience, possess a desire to work with the Protestant youth ministry, and preferably have higher academic in youth ministry and education.

3.2.  Be fluent in reading, writing, and speaking English in order to perform all responsibilities outlined within the PWS. 

3.3.  Possess 2 years experience and be functional in Microsoft Office Programs; Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel.

3.4.  Possess and demonstrate an understanding of the basic doctrines and worship practices of the Protestant faith.  Be Bible trained and able to educate and inspire Protestant youth in the Christian faith.

3.5. Skills:

3.5.1.  Maintain current skills:  procure or attend ongoing/upgrade training annually.  The Branch Chief or their designee will provide the PYD training specifically related to the duties outlined in this PWS.

5.5.2.  Interpersonal:  Must possess the ability to constructively work well with others in a multi-faith environment.

5.5.3.  Professional:  Must be able to efficiently organize and manage diverse program elements.

5.5.4.  Communication:  Must be able to clearly communicate, orally and in writing, the needs and goals of the Catholic CY Program to chapel staff, volunteers, and customers.

5.5.5.  Computer:  Must have a working knowledge of computers in order to perform all administrative tasks.

5.5.6.  Budget:  Must understand the basics of planning, developing, and executing a budget.

4.  General Responsibilities:  The PYD will:

4.1.  Understand all Protestant youth ministries fall under the purview of an 86 AW/HC Protestant Program and ensure the Protestant Youth Program conforms to the requirements and teachings of the Protestant faith.

4.2.  Maintain regular, publicized office hours for a minimum of 20 hours per week.

4.3.  Recruit, train, and implement PYOC leaders and volunteer support.

4.4.  Recruit and train volunteer leadership through discipleship and leadership training.

4.5.  Learn Chapel Tithes and Offerings Fund (CTOF) procedures and mentor volunteers on same.

4.6.  Generate timely and wide-spread publicity, as approved by the Wing Chaplain, for all Protestant youth ministry events.

4.7.  Program outreach to invite all youth in the KMC community.

4.8.  Develop scheduled weekly Protestant youth activities fostering Christian, Bible-based values.

4.9.  Foster healthy relationships with parents, youth, schools, chapel staff, and parishioners.

4.10.  Attend weekly worship at a chapel worship service and regular Parish Advisory Council (PAC) meetings.

4.11.  Ensure DoD safety requirements.  Assure at least one adult oversight for every 12 Protestant youth.

4.12.  Coordinate with the Branch Chief or their designee on PYOC requirements.

4.13. Meet bi-monthly with the Branch Chief or their designee for youth planning.

5.  Specific Responsibilities:  The PYD will:

5.1.  Develop PYOC ministry providers (youth, adults, and parents) via discipleship and leadership training.

5.2.  No later than 1 June annually (or within 30 days of initially being awarded the contract), accomplish Annual Calendar and CTOF fund plan including all Protestant youth upcoming activities.

5.3.  Draft PYD publicity and advertise 60-days prior to event.

5.3.1.  In all PYOC services, recruit Protestant youth and advertise upcoming programs.

5.4.  Reserve facilities well in advance and be accountable for opening, restoring to a neutral setting, cleaning, and securing any facilities used for Protestant youth programs and events.

5.4.1.  Ensure all applicable facilities (e.g. chapel, classrooms, etc.) are opened, equipped, and ready for use prior to the start of Protestant youth programs and events.

5.5.  Provide weekly HS & MS chapel youth meetings, with a goal of one activity outing every month, but a minimum of four annually.

5.5.1.  Lead spiritual retreats for youth on a semi-annual basis.

5.5.2.  Attain written parental permission and assure adequate supervision for all outings IAW 86  AW/HC Operating Instruction.

5.5.3.  Plan and organize one outreach mission and /or humanitarian service program annually (as mission and circumstances allow).

5.5.4.  Coordinate with 86 AW/HC or his/her designee on all base MS & HS outreach involvement.

5.6.  Organize and direct regular PYOC leader ministry planning meetings.

5.7.  Develop/maintain a data base roster of all Protestant youth and volunteers (must be compliant with Air Force Privacy Act policies).

5.8.  Attend/be known in the chapel community: inspire program trust and community development.

5.9.  Develop plans for establishing regular worship opportunities for youth, including “youth- led” worship as determined/sanctioned by Branch Chief or their designee.

5.10.  Provide all curricula to Branch Chief or their designee for review and Wing Chaplain final approval.

5.11.  Submit weekly attendance reports Branch Chief or their designee .

5.12.  Attend Protestant Advisory Council (PAC) meetings to facilitate intra-program coordination.

5.13.  Maintain a professional appearance at all times while providing services under this PWS.

5.14.  Ensure this Protestant youth program generates a spirit of openness where all youth, of all backgrounds can feel welcome and valued as part of a pluralistic religious environment.

5.15.  Ensure compliance with rules/laws in regard to use of any copyrighted materials.

6.  Criminal History Background Check.  The PYD will:

6.1  Submit completed background check applications to the Chaplain Corps background check program manager for processing within 30 days of hire. 

7.  Duty Hours.  This ministry position assumes a 20-hour work week.  The position will be paid per unit.  One unit is one calendar month’s performance of duties.  Certain months that include retreats or service projects may require more hours.

7.1.  Absences due to illness or family emergency will be dealt with on a case by case basis.  The PYD shall not employ/sub-contract any person to perform any of work required by this PWS on Ramstein Air Base without prior approval.  Replacements must be approved by the Chaplain and, at a minimum, be supervised via Line of Sight requirements, unless they have a previously completed background check.

Interested Candidates are requested to forward their resume together with three references from individuals who can attest to the candidate’s good work and steadiness.  Candidates who do not possess the qualifications in "3.  Education and Experience" above need not apply.  This is a part-time position with compensation based on budget and the successful candidate’s experience and qualifications.