Catholic Youth Activities Coordinator

Scott Air Force Base Chapel Youth Ministry Coordination

17 Jul 2019

Scott Air Force Base Chapel

Youth Ministry Coordination

Youth Coordinator


The successful candidate for this position will be a 1099 contractor with Music Ministry International and be responsible for the following:

The intent of the contract is to establish a Non-Personal Services Contract for a Catholic Youth

Coordinator for the 375 AMW, Scott Air Force Base Catholic Community. They manage the

Catholic Youth Ministry Program as determined by this Performance-Based Work Statement

(PWS). The Catholic Youth Coordinator consults and coordinates with the Catholic Chaplain, or

the Catholic contract priest, or his designee, who in turn monitors the Coordinator’s work.


1. Youth Coordinator is hereafter called “The Coordinator”


The Coordinator will:

1. "Consistent with Department of Defense and Air Force policy, chaplains are to adhere to

the requirements of their endorsing religious organizations while providing for the

spiritual and religious needs of all active duty personnel, their families, and other

authorized personnel. Thus, in order to honor each chaplain's commitment to be faithful

to his or her ecclesiastical endorsing religious organization's requirements and to the

supervision of their denominations, candidates for this position must adhere to the

presiding chaplain's endorsing religious organization's requirements."

2. Advise the Catholic Chaplain on Youth Ministry program(s) to meet the needs of the

Scott Catholic Community.

3. Assist the Catholic Chaplain in developing goals and objectives for Youth Ministry


4. Coordinate with chapel staff to obtain necessary resources, support, and supplies for

Youth Ministry programs. Advise chapel staff on the purchase of instructional materials.

5. Meet internal and external suspense’s as set.

6. Coordinate with chapel staff to advertise Youth Ministry programs to encourage

maximum participation. Accomplish publicity and coordinate distribution of bulletin

notices, newsletters, and other necessary publicity and promotion items.

7. Assist Scott AFB Chapel Staff, volunteers and group leaders to ensure budgeting and

schedule conflicts are minimized.

8. Be a member of the Scott Catholic Community.

9. Manage special events to support the Youth Ministry program throughout the church


10. Coordinate a calendar of youth activities with Chapel Master Calendar with the approval

of the Catholic Chaplain. Calendar events and any necessary changes must be

submitted by established deadlines to the Pastoral Coordinator.

11. Provide orientation for volunteers in obtaining facilities, funding, and resources.

12. Provide information about local diocesan Youth Ministry Program.

13. Plan events and consider ways to coordinate with other local Youth Ministry programs.

14. Attend youth conferences, retreats and other youth activities with Youth Ministry

members as agreed upon with the Catholic Chaplain.


1. Implement the Youth Ministry program as outlined by the Catholic Chaplain.

2. Ensure volunteers meet the standards as outlined by AF and Base Instructions and OIs

under the direction of the Catholic Chaplain.

3. Ensure facilities are prepared for use and returned to original configuration when


4. Maintain rosters to support Youth Ministry programs. Keep a record of enrollment and

attendance. Submit monthly reports IAW the Pastoral Coordinator’s established


5. Submit annual budget projections as required for all Youth Ministry programs as called

for by the Catholic Chaplain.

6. Submit required Chapel Tithes and Offering Fund (CTOF) paperwork to get authorization

for all expenditures; keep records and return receipts in accordance with established

guidelines and timelines.

7. Attend meetings as directed by the Catholic Chaplain.

8. Advise and recommend needed resources to implement the Youth Ministry program to the

Catholic Chaplain.

9. Organize special events to enhance the faith formation of the Scott Catholic Youth.

10. Assist with the utilization and training of volunteers to support the Youth Ministry program.

11. Support policies and programs from the AMS office of Youth Ministry programs as

directed by the Catholic Chaplain.

12. Maintain materials and working documents to support Youth Ministry programs.

13. Recruit volunteers and advise Catholic Chaplain on the selection of volunteers for Youth

Ministry positions.

14. Conduct, facilitate or assist with registration for Catholic Youth Ministry activities.

Coordinator may be required to handle money.

15. Research and answer questions related to the Catholic faith.

16. Meet regularly with high school youth group for spiritual, educational, apostolic, and

recreational enrichment as agreed upon by the coordinator and the Catholic Chaplain.

17. Plan, coordinate, and implement all fund raising activities in accordance with AFI’s and

Scott Chapel Operating Instructions.

18. Conduct, facilitate or assist with providing food for Youth Ministry activities and special


19. The Coordinator will submit the names and qualifications of any proposed subcoordinator.

Subcoordinators must meet the requirements for the positions as outlined in this

Performance-Based Work Statement (PWS). Coordinator is responsible for payments of


20. Appearance and Conduct: Maintain a neat, clean and well-groomed professional

appearance and conduct in a business-like manner. Able to work in a religiously

pluralistic environment and have a willingness to work with people of diverse faith

expressions. Must preserve any confidential issues seen or heard within the Chapel

staff or facilities.

21. Background Check: Working with children is a very sensitive issue in today's work

climate. Extreme care must be taken to hire someone with an excellent background.

Coordinator will agree to completion of a background check in accordance with DODI


22. In accordance with DODI 1402.5 paragraph E6.4.1.4 The coordinator may begin work

before completion of the background checks, provided he/she is within sight of an

individual who has successfully completed a background check.

23. In accordance with DODI 1402.5 paragraph E6.6.2 payment of the background check

is the responsibility of the requesting Service or agency. The Base Chapel will pay for

the costs of the check.

24. National Accreditation Check: In order for the coordinator to use the base computer

network and obtain a Common Access Card (CAC), he or she will complete all the

paperwork and forms necessary for a National Accreditation Check. The cost of the

check will be paid for by the government. The coordinator shall also complete all training

required for network access, to include Informational Awareness training or its

equivalent, including passing a final test, within three days of starting the position.

The tasks are subject to coordination/approval by appropriate Chapel personnel and monitoring

by the Catholic Chaplain, or whom he delegates to serve as the Quality Assurance Evaluator.


The Coordinator must:

1. Must have administrative and educational experience necessary to organize, manage, and

implement a Youth Ministry program. References are required.

2. Be willing to work with the Catholic Community; must have knowledge of the Catholic Church

and have the ability to articulate his/her faith.

3. Have familiarity/experience with the Archdiocese for the Military Services (AMS), USA; and

administer programs as directed by the Catholic Chaplain. Be certified or working toward

certification in Faith Formation through the AMS.

4. Have basic computer skills including the use of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office

programs; be able to clearly communicate in English and conduct administrative coordination

with verbal and written clarity as necessary.

5. Sustain a professional working relationship with Chapel staff, the Catholic community,

and other personnel. Must be able to work independently with minimal supervision. This

position is task dependent and the administrator will be available as agreed upon by coordinator

and Catholic Chaplain.


The Agreement will be in effect for a period of one year. It may be renewed for a like

term and rate of pay by mutual agreement of all parties, not to exceed four years total.

The Contracting Officer will review the need, qualifications, and performance statement

of work annually.


The Youth Ministry Coordinator will work the hours necessary to perform all tasks as agreed

upon with the Catholic Chaplain. Hours will include some normal duty hours (0730-1630), as

well as some evening, weekend and holiday hours. Twenty (20) hours of work per week is


The schedule is subject to coordination/approval by appropriate Chapel personnel and

monitoring by the Catholic Chaplain or to whom he delegates responsibility.

Interested Candidates are requested to forward their resume together with three references from individuals who can attest to the candidate’s good work and steadiness.  Candidates who do not possess at least three years of performing steadily as a youth activities coordinator need not apply.  This is a part-time position with compensation based on budget and the successful candidate’s experience and qualifications.