Protestant Music Director

Buckley AFB Chapel Musicians

15 Aug 2019

Buckley AFB Chapel


Music Director


The successful candidate for this position will be a 1099 contractor with Music Ministry International and be responsible for the following:

1.1  Purpose:  The purpose of this Statement of Work (SOW) is to obtain a Music Director for the Protestant Program at Buckley AFB CO. The position is, on average, 4 hours a week but the exact work schedule is to be arranged with the 460th Space Wing Chaplain (460th SW/HC), and/or designee, and may be adjusted to meet mission requirements.

1.2  Organizational Location:  460th Space Wing (460 SW), Air Force Space Command (AFSPC), 460 SW/HC, 16401 E A-Basin Ave. Buckley AFB, CO 80011-

1.3  Scope:  This SOW addresses a series of qualifications, responsibilities and actions necessary to provide direction of the Protestant Music Program. The music director shall be responsible for providing leadership for the Protestant Music Program. The music director is primarily responsible for planning, organizing, and coordinating all the Protestant Music program for the Protestant Community.    This includes planning, organizing and arranging musical selections for solos, choirs, and special musical selections.  It also includes preparing song slides for Protestant Service Chaplain review before rehearsal; directing the Audio Visual Music director or Volunteer with audio visual set up; recruiting and training volunteers; musical support during special and holiday services as required (see para 2.5. below); and assisting the Protestant Service Chaplain or designated worship service chaplain with administrative duties associated with the Protestant Music Program. 

1.4  Qualifications:  A formal degree is not required but two years of documented experience leading music in a church or chapel is required.  The music director must have experience and knowledge playing Contemporary “Praise and Worship” music; Traditional Hymnody music; and “Gospel Style Music”. References are required.  The music director must be able to clearly communicate in English and conduct administrative requirements in verbal and written clarity as necessary.  The music director must be able to have a professional working relationship with Chapel staff, the Protestant community, any and all volunteers, and other personnel to fulfill the requirements in this Statement of Work.  This individual must also be able to work in a pluralistic environment which is not a normal requirement in local churches.  Music director will be versed in standard computer programs and internet websites including but not limited to Microsoft office (esp Microsoft Powerpoint), electronic mail (e-mail), Song-Select.

1.5  Definitions:  For the purpose of this SOW, the following definitions are provide for clarification:

1.5.1 Protestant Service Funds or Chapel Tithes and Offerings (CTOF):  Voluntary offerings, contributions and other non-appropriated assets of the Protestant Community at Buckley AFB.

1.5.2 Protestant Community at Buckley AFB:  All subjects on Buckley AFB, as well as Protestant retirees, civilian employees of Buckley AFB, and families who use the services of the 460 SW/HC (hereafter referred to as “The Protestant Community”).

       1.5.3 Volunteers:  Those who serve the mission requirements of The Protestant Community without benefit of pay.  They include but are not limited to, RE teachers, liturgical ministers, audio visual volunteers, musicians, singers, ushers, Chapel Tithes & Offering Funds trained counters, fellowship lunch coordinators.

Section 2: DUTIES

2.1  Primary Responsibilities:

2.1.1  Work with the Wing Chaplain, Protestant Service Chaplain, or designated worship service chaplain to prepare and plan music for all Sunday and special worship services.  Utilizing personal or chapel provided computer, music director shall prepare musical arrangements in an approved chapel format for visual media presentation (e.g., Microsoft Power Point slides) for weekly worship services no later than COB on the date given by the Protestant Service Chaplain which must be approved by the Protestant Service Chaplain prior to rehearsal and the weekly worship service.  All music slides and print-outs (as necessary) will follow current copyright rules and format in accordance with Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI).  The music director shall provide all titles to the Protestant Service Chaplain no later than the Thursday prior to weekly worship service for inclusion in the weekly bulletin if requested to do so.

2.1.2  Recruit youth and adult choir members, musicians, and audio visual volunteers.

2.1.3  The music director shall ensure that all facilities used are properly secured, to include all doors and windows, following the conclusion of all rehearsals and worship services.  In addition, music director will ensure applicable music equipment (to include cords, microphones, DI boxes) is properly stored following each rehearsal and worship service.

2.1.4  Request and maintain all supplies and resources necessary for running the Protestant music program.  The music director shall not purchase any supplies or resources for the Protestant music program without the prior paperwork approval from the Wing Chaplain or Protestant Service Chaplain (this includes both government appropriated funds and Chapel Tithes and Offering – CTOF – funds).  Any unapproved purchasing by the music director will not be reimbursed.

2.1.5  The contactor shall arrive at least thirty (30) minutes prior to the start of each service to ensure adequate preparation is made for the worship service to include musical warm up, review and correct (if applicable) all visual media (e.g., Microsoft Power Point presentation of musical arrangements for worship service), in coordination with the audio visual music director/volunteer testing of sound equipment including but not limit sound checks of microphones, choir microphones, monitors, etc., and choir practice.

2.1.6  Within the first month of being hired the music director will submit to the Protestant Service Pastor or Deputy Wing Chaplain a list of at least two (2) qualified substitutes for approval in case of an emergency or planned absence.  The Wing Chaplain and/or his/her designee in-conjunction with the Protestant Service Pastor reserves the right to refuse the services of such a substitute if he/she is deemed unqualified. The substitute will be compensated by the music director.  Ensure a substitute with at least equal qualifications listed in 1.4 is provided in the case of an absence for on a Sunday or special worship service. The Protestant Service Pastor and/or Deputy Wing Chaplain must be notified by music director or substitute of a planned absence, at least two (2) weeks in advance. Substitutes will be required to attend both rehearsals and subsequent Sunday or special worship service in the absence of the Protestant RE Coordinator.

2.1.7  Attend staff meetings and Pastoral Council meetings as required and directed by Protestant Service Chaplain.

2.1.8  The music director shall also rehearse with any soloists, Instrumentalists, or other person or groups providing special music to the Protestant Worship services.  Such rehearsals can be at the same time as a rehearsal for normal duties as musician.

2.1.9  Complete facility requests, as required, to reserve chapel facilities IAW local Chapel Operating Instructions (460 SW/HC OI 52-101).  When completing facility requests, all facility requests must be approved by the Wing Chaplain or his/her designee before assuming space has reserved for Protestant Music activities.  Responsible for all set up prior to the events, clean-up following events and ensuring security of the Chapel facility as outlined in the current Facility Use Guidelines.

2.2  Secondary Specific Responsibilities:  The Wing Chaplain may designate that the music director assist the Deputy Wing Chaplain, Protestant Service Pastor, and the Chapel Secretary with the following tasks:

2.2.1 Facilitate the flow of information to Protestant parishioners through the weekly bulletin, bulletin boards, newsletters, special mailings, and lay minister schedules. Information leaving the chapel must have a quality check accomplished by the Chapel Secretary.                       

2.2.2 Coordinate with Protestant Service Pastor to provide opportunities for Protestant attendees to give feedback on Protestant music, programs and decisions effecting Protestant music.  Ensure Protestant Service Pastor is provided with feedback as received.                        

2.2.3 Develop agenda items in coordination with Protestant Service Pastor and the Deputy Wing Chaplain for the Parish Advisory Council.

2.3  Time/Location/Frequency of Services:  As directed – services are currently every Sunday from approximately 1100 until 1200 hours, in the Buckley AFB chapel; also special and holiday services, times, location as required, and in coordination with the chaplain responsible for the service (see para 2.5. below).

2.4  Time/Location/Frequency of Rehearsals:  Music director will be allotted 5 rehearsals per month.  One rehearsal will be conducted per week and no more than one additional rehearsals per month as required for preparation.  Rehearsals will be held at Buckley AFB chapel unless specifically approved by the Protestant Service Pastor/Wing Chaplain. Music director shall determine all rehearsal times and dates and shall coordinate times and dates with the Protestant Service Chaplain or designee who will be responsible for the worship service, including special and holiday event services for at least one hour but not to exceed one and one half (1.5) hours each week.

2.5  Estimated Number of Sessions:  This position will require no more than 129, one and one half (1.5) hour, sessions during the contract period.  These sessions normally will consist of:

        (52) Worship services

        (52) Weekly rehearsals

        (10) Special service performances

  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas
  • Funerals, memorial services, and other special services as designated by the Wing Chaplain or his representative

        (15) Special service rehearsals

        (129) TOTAL (music director shall not exceed)


3.1  Period of Performance:  Contract period is the base year (1 September 2019 – 31 September 2020) plus four (4) renewable option years (12 months) at the discretion of the government.  At the discretion of the contracting officer, this contract may be extended for six (6) months upon giving music director notice any time within 30 days of contract expiration date.

3.2  Appearance and Conduct:  Maintain a neat, clean and well-groomed professional appearance and conduct in a business-like manner.  Able to work in a religiously pluralistic environment and have a willingness to work with people of diverse faith expressions.  Must preserve any confidential issues seen or heard within the Chapel staff or facilities.

3.3  Interview/Resume/Audition:  Satisfactorily demonstrate ability to fulfill duties as listed in Section 2 DUTIES.  Provide resume at time of interview.  The Wing Chaplain and the Protestant Service Chaplain shall be included in the interview process.

3.3.1  The following questions will be included in the interview, while these questions will be asked; other follow-up questions may be included based on responses to these questions;


            What is your music experience?

    Ministry in the 460 SW/HC

            Do you have any experience with starting up a music program before?

            How would you approach the task of running a music program at Buckley?

            Do you have any experience working with the military?

What differences do you see between a civilian community and a predominately military community?

            How would you address those differences?

The Air Force Chaplain Corps accommodates requests for chaplain services and/or support for all religious practices to include Christian and non-Christian expressions of faith. How do you see yourself working is such a pluralistic environment?

            How do you understand the Military pluralistic ministry environment?

    Ministry in the Protestant Community of Buckley AFB.

            What is your philosophy concerning music and worship/liturgy?

            What do you see as the role of the community in the music process?

What are the primary topics that need to be addressed in music and how would you address them?

3.3.2  An audition will consist of playing 3 pieces of music selected by the Wing Chaplain and the Protestant Service Chaplain. There must not be more than 5 noticeable errors.

3.4  Background Check:  Working with children is a very sensitive issue in today’s work climate.  Extreme care must be taken to hire someone with an excellent background.  Music director will agree to completion of a background check.

Interested Candidates are requested to forward their resume together with three references from individuals who can attest to the candidate’s good work and steadiness.  Candidates who do not possess the qualifications in paragraph 1.4 above need not apply.  This is a part-time position with compensation based on budget and the successful candidate’s experience and qualifications.