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09 Mar 2024

Camp Butler

Protestant Religious Education



13 Mar 2024

The successful candidate for this position will be a 1099 contractor with Music Ministry International and be responsible for the following:


1.0 BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Marine Corps Installations Pacific-Marine Corps Base Camp Butler (MCIPAC-MCBB) is the base support command for the United State Marine Corps (USMC) ground forces on Okinawa. MCIPAC-MCBB provides religious worship opportunities (in accordance with the Free Exercise of Religion) for service members on the various Marine Corps Camps in Okinawa. Navy Chaplains conduct these services and lead these programs. A large number of trained volunteers are necessary to maintain the programs.

1.0.1 Directors of Religious Education (DREs) are contracted to facilitate the recruiting, training, and organizing of chapel volunteers. The common practice throughout the DoD is to contract two categories: Protestant and Catholic. Additional categories are possible where additional faith groups are represented. For instance, some chapels have Muslim or Jewish DREs. The distinction indicates that the CRE has experience in Religious Education particular to that religious group.

1.0.2 Coordinators of Religious Education (CREs) are contracted to coordinate the various religious education classes and activities in support of chaplain ministries. The CRE’s coordination with the base chapel chaplain and the base chapel Religious Programming Specialist (RP) allows the base chapel Religious Ministry Team (RMT) to provide an adequate level of religious support to base personnel and their families.

1.1 OBJECTIVE: To provide for the Religious Education and Community Activities on various Marine Corps Camps and Installations in Okinawa, Japan. This is accomplished when Religious Education and Community Activities are planned and scheduled; volunteers are recruited and trained to assist; and the community is made aware of the opportunities to participate or assist. It also includes working with other Coordinators or Directors of Religious Education on interdenominational Religious Education events.


2.0.1 CRE employees shall have a working knowledge of the Protestant Christian Religion and worship service community.

2.0.2 CRE employees shall possess a Letter of Recommendation from a Protestant Chaplain (or civilian Protestant Pastor) stating that he/she is: 1) an active practicing member of a Protestant community; 2) recommended to provide the required Religious Education Services at a military chapel.

2.0.3 CRE employees shall be able to function comfortably in a religiously diverse environment where people of other denominations and religions share the use of military chapels and worship spaces.

2.0.4 CRE employees shall be able to speak conversational English and to conduct Religious Education functions in English.

2.0.5 CRE employees shall be responsible and competent in completing and filing all required records/paperwork.

2.0.6 CRE employees shall be familiar with social media and able to run a Facebook page for the associated Protestant Communities.

2.0.7 CRE employees shall be experienced with computers and software, to include Microsoft Word and e-mail.

2.0.8 CRE employees shall possess and maintain a working e-mail account.

2.0.9 CRE shall be responsible for transportation of CRE employees to CLIN specified chapels for performance of services.

2.0.10 CRE employees shall be able to attend a weekly meeting in a professional manner without distraction.

2.0.11 CRE employees shall maintain a professional attitude and professional appearance.


2.1.1 Plan, propose, and execute a Protestant Religious Education Program (PREP) which takes into consideration the various social groups represented at CLIN specified Chapel (Nursery, Children, Youth, Parents, Families, Singles, Young Adults, etc.); available resources (curriculum, available volunteers, time, other contracted ministries, etc.); and the calendar (deployments, school, community, holiday, etc.). Religious education (PREP) should also be understood to include Religious Service Community Activities.

2.1.2 Recruit, train, assign, and supervise all teachers and volunteers in the PREP.

2.1.3 Weekly inspect the volunteer roster and verify that all volunteers have received a background check and have completed “Youth Protection Training – Boy Scouts of America” (or other equivalent training authorized by the Executive Pastor (EP).) All untrained or non-background-checked volunteers shall be referred to the Petty Officer in Charge (POIC). The CRE shall report on this information on a weekly basis established by the POIC. This roster is called the “PREP Volunteer Roster.”

2.1.4 Maintain a roster (of names, numbers, emails, etc.) of CLIN specified chapel attendees. Weekly, update the roster with the information of first-time visitors and gather and process the bulletin communication cards. Weekly (by COB Tuesday), share this roster with the Executive Pastor (EP) and POIC. Roster shall be maintained in an organized fashion corresponding with the PREP. Both chapel attendees and PREP participants shall be included on this roster. This roster is called the “PREP Roster.”

2.1.5 Submit necessary paperwork to the POIC for the procurement of supplies, literature and curriculum needed for the PREP. At least three weeks before an event, submit necessary paperwork to the POIC for the procurement of commissary goods or catered items.

2.1.6 Schedule PREP facility needs with the POIC.

2.1.7 Arrange for PREP audio visual and equipment needs by coordinating with the POIC.

2.1.8 Ensure accurate records of PREP attendance are maintained and submitted weekly to the POIC. This record is called the “PREP Attendance Records.”

2.1.9 Submit relevant announcements on a weekly basis to the POIC for posting to the weekly bulletin. POIC will determine the format and weekly deadline for submissions.

2.1.10 Weekly, update Protestant bulletin board and literature racks at the CLIN specified Chapel.

2.1.11 Weekly, maintain and update the CLIN specified Chapel Protestant community Facebook page with relevant announcements. (Other forms of social media may also be utilized if authorized by the EP.)

2.1.12 Attend weekly staff meeting at the CLIN specified Chapel and provide a brief on the status of the PREP.

2.1.13 Weekly, arrange for a chapel member to give relevant announcements during the Saturday and Sunday chapel services. Should the CRE choose, the CREs employees may make the announcement.

2.1.14 Monthly, organize an after-service potluck. Utilize volunteers and use “Perfect Potluck” (or Facebook) to encourage participation.

2.1.15 Monthly, organize a social event for Protestant community members and other members of the community. (Examples: September - Friday Night Movie Night, October - Trunk-or-Treat, November – Thanksgiving Dinner for the Homeless Outreach, December - Caroling and Hot Cocoa Night, etc.).

2.1.16 Monthly, attend chapel meeting at the CLIN specified Chapel after the chapel service and interact with congregation members, PREP leaders, and PREP volunteers.

2.1.17 Annually, serve as the Assistant Leader for Vacation Bible School (VBS). Assist the Children’s Ministry Coordinator of the CLIN specified Chapel with the coordination and execution of the one-week VBS during the school summer break. If the Children’s Ministry Coordinator position is vacant, the CRE will serve as the leader for VBS.

2.1.18 Weekly, maintain a volunteer log that records the hours that volunteers have contributed to the PREP. Weekly (by COB on Tuesdays), submit a list of volunteers and hours worked to the POIC. The POIC will draft and print a Letter of Appreciation (LOA) which the EP will sign. The LOAs will be given to the CRE to be handed out to the volunteers in a timely manner. This log is called the “PREP Log of Hours Worked by Volunteers.”

Interested Candidates are requested to forward their resume together with three references from individuals who can attest to the candidate’s good work and steadiness.  Candidates who do not possess the specific attributes/qualifications in "Section 2.0" above need not apply. This is a part-time position with compensation based on budget and the successful candidate’s experience and qualifications.  

Apply directly at: (scroll down to “Camp Butler”) in order to expedite your application.  Your application requires providing reference information for (3) individuals including one priest or pastor who can attest to your abilities as they relate to this job posting.  References must include: name, title, organization, relationship to you, email address (necessary field) and phone number. Depending on security software, candidates are requested to monitor spam folders for further application communications from MMI.