Protestant Religious Education Coordinator

U S Army Garrison Vicenza Protestant Religious Education

21 Apr 2021

U S Army Garrison Vicenza

Protestant Religious Education




The successful candidate for this position will be a 1099 contractor with Music Ministry International and be responsible for the following:


The coordinator shall coordinate with the DRE, for a Protestant religious education program using volunteers from Protestant Chapel services within the community.

1.1. Implement a Protestant religious education program that consists of the following.

1.1.1. Sunday School (SS). The coordinator shall organize and oversee weekly classes for eligible children, youth, and adults using age-appropriate materials that educate participants in the areas of Biblical knowledge, Christian doctrine, faith to life application, and other faith formation practices. SS classes are held during the academic year from 1 September to 15 June. Weekly classes last one (1) hour. All curriculum resources shall be reviewed by the DRE and approved by the Garrison Chaplain before use.

1.1.2. Children’s Church (CC). The coordinator shall provide a weekly CC program that educates children using age-appropriate materials in the subjects of: the Bible, Christian doctrine, faith to life application, and other faith formation practices. CC classes are held weekly, during Protestant worship, throughout the year. CC classes last approximately 30-45 minutes. All curriculum resources shall be reviewed by the DRE and approved by the Garrison Chaplain before use.

1.1.3. Vacation Bible School (VBS). Provide an annual, summer VBS program for children or families in the community. VBS consists of 3-5 sessions held in the mornings (children) or evenings (family), depending on the Garrison Chaplain’s Religious Support Program priorities; each session lasts 3-4 hours. Prior to ordering materials, the Garrison Chaplain shall review and approve of all VBS materials, in consultation with the Regional Education Program Director (REPD) as needed. The Garrison Chaplain, not the coordinator, determines the dates and times for VBS. The scheduling of VBS shall only be adjusted by the Garrison Chaplain. The coordinator shall publicize and advertise VBS, beginning no later than sixteen (16) weeks prior to the start of VBS, throughout the chapel and military community, utilizing every RSO and USAG Italy advertising medium available.

1.1.4. Provide a Closing Program. The coordinator shall provide a closing program for Protestant VBS held at a time that maximizes parental and community attendance to recognize the efforts of the volunteers. This closing program shall be a minimum of one (1) hour and shall not exceed one and a half (1.5) hours. It is highly recommended that the coordinator coordinate

with the other Religious Education Coordinators in order to coordinate their efforts in meeting together with the Garrison Chaplain at the same time, so as to minimize confusion regarding VBS and the closing program.

1.1.5. VBS Meetings. The coordinator is required to meet with the Chaplain or the designated Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) at least four (4) times per year to coordinate the annual VBS program. The coordinator shall meet with the congregation Chaplain or his or her designated COR to review the delivery of services of the program and provide records and statistics. The format and time for these briefings shall be determined by the congregation Chaplain or designated COR. It is the responsibility of the coordinator to initiate and follow up on meeting requests with the congregation Chaplain or designated COR.

1.1.6. Prepare and Submit VBS Reports. The coordinator shall record attendance at all classes and training events. The coordinator shall record the number of students, as well as volunteer’s staff, and number of volunteer hours. The coordinator shall submit these reports to the COR. The coordinator shall submit this information and an After Action Report (AAR) to the COR within two (2) weeks of completion of VBS, to include the roster of students and volunteers. The coordinator shall provide the volunteers with the volunteer registration forms to register with website ( Volunteers shall maintain their own hours and submit them at the end of each week to the coordinator.

1.1.7. Seasonal Events. The coordinator shall organize two seasonal events, one during Advent/Christmas, and the other during Lent/Easter, for Garrison community members, with a focus on intergenerational fun and learning. Each event lasts approximately one (1) to one and a half (1.5) hours. An event plan must be reviewed by the DRE and approved by the Garrison Chaplain, no less than 60 days in advance of the event. A complete event plan consists of event goals and objectives, narrative descriptions of activities to meet stated goals and objectives, staffing and volunteer requirements, an execution and marketing timeline, and a Child Protection Plan, including a Line of Sight Supervision plan as needed.

1.1.8. Volunteer Training. Coordinate two training events annually: (1) an

annual training event for volunteers on a topic related to religious education, and (2) annually required Child Protection training for volunteers in accordance with Chapel Volunteer Management (CVM) and in cooperation with the DRE. Execution of the training is the responsibility of Chaplains and DREs.

1.1.2. Annual Appreciation. Coordinate an annual appreciation event for Chapel

volunteers serving in Protestant religious education programs. Funding will be provided by the Chaplain or Finance Management (FM) through Protestant funds of the Chapel Tithes and Offerings Funds (CTOF).

1.1.10. Director of Religious Education (DRE) Meetings. Meet monthly with the DRE, to receive program updates, coordinate contracted services, event statistics, and progress. Meetings last approximately one (1) hour. If there is no DRE, the sponsoring chaplain of Religious Education will take the place of the DRE.

1.1.11. Parish Council Meeting. Attend monthly Parish Council meetings of each Protestant Service, and coordinate the religious education needs of each council.

1.2 The coordinator shall accomplish the following in conjunction with the religious education classes, events, etc.

1.2.1. Conduct marketing efforts for all Protestant religious education events, to include Chapel bulletin announcements, bulletin boards, flyers, and other appropriate media. All media shall be submitted to the DRE for review, and the Garrison Chaplain for approval, NLT 15 days prior to scheduled events. The Government will provide the necessary photocopies.

1.2.2. Recruit volunteers for Protestant religious education classes, programs, and events, with a focus on building Chapel congregation understanding of volunteerism as an act of worship and sharing of spiritual gifts for ministry. Volunteers are required to clear all appropriate background checks IAW AD 2014-23, and adhere to all requirements in accordance with (IAW) Chapel Volunteer Management guidelines. Volunteers are required to receive a written job description from the coordinator before commencing performance. The tracking and training of all Chapel volunteers is the responsibility of the Chapel Volunteer Manager and the DRE.

1.2.3. Prepare and disseminate an annual calendar of Protestant religious education activities and events within 30 days of contract award. The calendar shall include estimated funding requirements, resources needed, and projected numbers of participants and volunteers. The calendar shall be reviewed by the DRE and approved by the Garrison Chaplain before implementation.

1.2.4. If it becomes necessary to cancel any religious education classes or events, it is the coordinator’s responsibility to notify all participants and the COR at least one week prior to the scheduled religious education class or event. This shall not apply to cancelations due to emergencies or weather.

1.3. The coordinator shall meet the following reporting requirements on schedule:

1.3.1. Regular updating of the Chapel Activity Report (CAR), as scheduled by the Garrison Chaplain to fulfill requirements for submission of the quarterly Religious Education Report (RER).

1.3.2. After Action Reports (AARs) for seasonal events and VBS including number of participants, event review, and evaluation of event effectiveness, submitted within one week of event completion.

1.3.3. Request Chapel Tithes and Offerings Funds (CTOF) and Appropriated Funds (APF) as appropriate. The coordinator shall: (1) prepare a written recommended list of curriculum resources, materials, supplies, and equipment needed for Protestant religious education activities and events; (2) monitor curriculum resources, materials, supplies, and equipment; and (3) prepare and submit Purchase Order Requests according to CTOF and APF guidelines so that all necessary materials are available to conduct scheduled meetings, classes, programs, and other events, a minimum of 30 days before they are scheduled to occur.

1.3.4. Maintain a Continuity Binder. The binder (currently electronic format) shall contain at a minimum but not limited to, copies of events plans, AARs, briefings, a summary of Chapel Activity Report (CAR) statistics, and volunteer data. The binder shall be submitted to the DRE for review and routing to the Garrison Chaplain at the end of each Period of Performance.


The coordinator, coordinator’s personnel, and all subcoordinators shall meet the following qualifications.

2.1. Ability to pass a background check in order to work with minors IAW requirements of AD 2104-23.

2.2. Have, or be able to complete within 30 days of contract award, annual Chapel Child Protection training.

2.3. An Associate’s Degree AND three (3) years of work experience (paid or volunteer) in the fields of Education and/or Religious Studies. College transcripts shall be submitted.

2.4. Ability to speak English proficiently.

2.5. Ability to work ecumenically among Protestants and serve within the multi-faith context of an Army chapel.

Interested Candidates are requested to forward their resume together with three references from individuals who can attest to the candidate’s good work and steadiness.  Candidates who do not possess the specific attributes/qualifications in "2. PERSONNEL QUALIFICATIONS" above need not apply. This is a part-time position with compensation based on budget and the successful candidate’s experience and qualifications..   

Apply directly at: (scroll down to “U S Army Garrison Vicenza”).  Your application must include three (3) references including one priest or pastor who can attest to your abilities as they relate to this job posting.  References must include: name, title, organization, relationship to you, email address (necessary field) and phone number. Depending on security software, candidates are requested to monitor spam folders for further application communications from MMI.