Worship Musician Pianist Guitarist Keyboardist or Organist

Ft. Benning Musicians

04 Oct 2019

Ft. Benning


Pianist Guitarist Keyboardist or Organist



The successful candidate for this position will be a 1099 contractor with Music Ministry International and be responsible for the following:

Specific tasks

1 Basic Services:  The musician performer shall provide live, quality instrumental music for worship services and rehearsals as required by the Senior Pastor Chaplain of each service according to the needs of that congregation.  Music may be requested for Roman  Catholic, Traditional and Contemporary Protestant, Gospel, and Praise settings.  Services are scheduled for Saturday or Sunday at one of the Fort Benning Chapels or designated government facilities.  In addition to the normal scheduled worship services, the musician performer shall provide for occasional Special Services and Memorials. 

Qualifications OF Musicians  

1.1 The qualified musician must provide at least three (3) professional references from within last three (3) years who can confirm the musician’s musical and personal excellence while serving as the primary musician in a recurring worship service.  Musicians without experience in a worship setting may be considered if the criteria for references and musical abilities can be met.  Each reference shall also verify their own credibility as a professional musician, clergy, etc. in a recognized church setting or applicable setting.  

1.2 Each musician shall be able to sight read music and demonstrate musical proficiency on the piano/keyboard, and for the electric organ if used as the primary instrument for leading worship.  

 1.3 Musician performer shall present a professional and neat appearance at all times and conduct shall not reflect discredit upon this installation or the Department of the Army.

2 SPECIFIC Tasks Musicians: 

2.1 Worship services that require rehearsals will be predetermined by the Senior Chaplain for that location.  In the event that a rehearsal is required, the musician shall be required to provide 60 minutes for music rehearsal prior to the worship service; prepare music for warm-up of choir/soloist voices to ensure readiness for worship service; play preludes, postludes, offertory music, accompany congregational singing and special music; provide cues for soloist or small groups in singing special music as needed; select music appropriate for church season or to support sermon topics, if requested, for each worship service in conjunction with the presiding Chaplain; and ensure that all music selections and mode of distribution/display comply with applicable copyright laws.  Each liturgy/worship service or special event is estimated to last no longer than two (2) hours.

2.2 The musician performer shall have experience with and working knowledge of audiovisual equipment, to include sound board, laptop, and audio/video recording and editing equipment. 

2.3 Worship and Worship Rehearsals:  Accompany (play piano/organ/guitar/keyboard) or direct musical selections during designated regular worship services including accompany singing of hymns, choruses, and spiritual songs; choral responses, anthems, and special music that enhances the atmosphere of worship for the particular congregation.  Accompany regular choir rehearsals:  play the piano/organ/guitar/keyboard and/or direct accompaniment for choir/worship team rehearsals.  Proficiency with the guitar is not required but is a plus. 

2.4 All employees shall conduct themselves in an acceptable manner.  Attitude, demeanor, dress, and relationships with the Chapel staff and members of the congregation shall reflect positively on the religious program. 

2.5 Communicate with the chaplains, priests, song/worship leaders, and other musicians conducting the service to ensure a coordinated service of worship for the congregation.  Plan and coordinate all musical selections with the Chaplain/Pastor of the congregation or appropriate designated representative to select music in keeping with the theme of worship service.

2. 6 Select for choir/solo presentation music that enhances the atmosphere of worship for the particular congregation as directed by the Chaplain/Pastor.

2. 7 Coordinate and/or provide music for all services and adjust tempo and style of choir selections to enhance the congregation’s ability to participate in worship as directed by the Chaplain/Pastor.

2. 8 Provide music selections to the Chaplain/Pastor by the time designated for publication in worship service bulletins.

2.9 musicians may be required to play at any Chapel on Fort Benning when directed by COR.

2. 10 Musicians shall be present at least 30 minutes prior to each Mass or Chapel Service and 15 minutes before each rehearsal. The musician shall not leave during the service unless the COR has approved of it.

2. 11 Musicians shall monitor all government provided instruments used by the musician performer and report requirements or repair or replacement to the COR or his designated representative.

Interested Candidates are requested to forward their resume together with three references from individuals who can attest to the candidate’s good work and steadiness.  Candidates who do not possess at least three years of performing steadily  as a worship musician in one or more of these settings: Roman  Catholic, Traditional and Contemporary Protestant, Gospel, or Praise; in a church or chapel need not apply.  This is a part-time position with compensation based on budget and the successful candidate’s experience and qualifications.